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Grille Staff Remains Active Although Campus is Closed

Courtesy of Chris Behrens

JULIAN SEALY, Staff Writer

May 19, 2020

The coronavirus has greatly impacted all members of the Trinity family, from students to faculty to the Grille staff. To help students have some of Trinity at home and bring a taste of the Grille, Food Director Chris Behrens has posted on Trinity Prep’s Instagram two videos of him cooking the best ...

Two Families, Five Different Responses To COVID-19

Two Families, Five Different Responses To COVID-19


May 19, 2020

Instead of waking up in dorm rooms, college students are waking up at home, with online classes replacing lecture halls. Even parents are working from their homes instead of an office. Normal routines are changing, and the coronavirus impacts different age groups in different ways. The Ranson family has two...

Study Hall Versus Playing Ball: Teachers with Kids Divide Time Between School and Family

Courtesy of Ryan Bowden


May 18, 2020

   English teacher Lenna Bowden shares her room with her sons Taylor and Matthew. While Matthew studies on the bed behind her, Taylor frequently runs in the room for hugs. Both kids wave and greet Bowden’s class of sixth graders. This is a typical day of online school for Bowden. She manages to bala...

Novel Coronavirus exposes another infectious “disease” in America

Novel Coronavirus exposes another infectious “disease” in America

AMY QIAO, News Editor

May 13, 2020

Ever since the coronavirus was first reported in the United States, hundreds of Asian Americans have shared stories of falling victim to racist and xenophobic attacks, whether it be being spat on or beaten up. In fact, according to the Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council, over 1,100 incidents o...

COVID-19 Outbreak Crashes Prom Plans

The Original Prom Invitation for 2020 Prom. Courtesy of Ellie Watson


May 13, 2020

 This year, the COVID-19 outbreak has forced the cancellation of many of Trinity Prep’s most anticipated events, and one of them is prom.    “The administration made the decision to cancel this year’s prom after looking at a number of alternatives, but it is not foreseeable that we will be...

The battle against Coronavirus: Orlando faces a testing kit shortage

The battle against Coronavirus: Orlando faces a testing kit shortage

ALEXIS HUANG, Focus Editor

May 8, 2020

With the continued rapid spreading of the coronavirus, Florida has surpassed 20,000 confirmed cases. Dr. Alfred Tirado, an emergency room doctor located just outside of Orlando, has seen over 100 patients who’ve tested positive for Coronavirus come through his hospital’s doors.    “My job...

The Importance of Sustainability in Our Everyday Lives

Sustainability doesn't have to be limited to the home. There are many simple ways to be environmentally friendly at school, too.


May 7, 2020

   Recently, I’ve watched a few nature documentaries, and I love everything about them, from the wild animals to the beautiful scenes of nature. However, there’s one aspect of nature documentaries that shows up every single time that I don’t like—the ending. Without fail, the endings usual...

Fine Arts Teachers Get Creative with Teaching Methods


May 6, 2020

     After Spring Break, students found themselves sitting behind computers rather than in school desks. Academic classes transitioned smoothly, but the Fine Arts program was in a tough spot. With their classes mostly focusing on togetherness and harmony, it seemed difficult to have class throug...

MSON Classes Offer Students A Unique Learning Experience

MSON Classes Offer Students A Unique Learning Experience


May 4, 2020

   As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the nation, closing schools throughout the country, many schools have transitioned to remote learning. Trinity students are now getting their first tastes of online classes via Google Meets or Canvas Conferences. However, most students may not know that Trin...

Common kindness doesn’t end school shootings, despite what media says

Common kindness doesn't end school shootings, despite what media says


May 1, 2020

   After each school shooting, the media looks to find rationale behind such a crisis. While made with good intentions, it is vital we examine how each hypothesis positively and negatively affects society.      Tragic events such as school shootings spiral our nation into a state of confusion. ...

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