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Lilley proves he is a Brockstar on the field

Brock Lilley competes in lacrosse.

After a successful four years of high school athletics, nine varsity letters, and two captainships, senior Brock Lilley reflects back on a rewarding athletic career.

Lilley began his Trinity Prep career back in ninth grade as a football player. Under quarterback and leader JJ Wartski, Lilley was able to build a passion for football that grew to reach many other branches in the athletic curriculum.

In the same year, Lilley went on to compete on the JV soccer team as well as have a short-lived stint on the JV Baseball team. Needless to say, Lilley didn’t go out for the baseball team again, but come sophomore year he decided to begin his lacrosse career.

Over the course of the next three years, Brock Lilley blossomed into a three-sport athlete (football, soccer, and lacrosse) embodying a state of athleticism rarely seen at Trinity Prep.

“I love my sports and I can’t imagine life without them,” said Lilley.

Dealing with the academic load of school is a struggle already, but competing in varsity sports all year round is quite the feat. “It’s all about time management for Brock Lilley,” said Lilley.

After four years of year–round competition and a handful of AP classes under his belt, Lilley has perfected his organization and time management skills. Not only is he a competitor in the classroom, but also on the pitch.

In his senior year Lilley was faced with a new challenge: leading two teams, the football and lacrosse teams. Lilley explains, “I felt pressure to perform, but at the same time I enjoyed it more with the leadership role.”

With a “bigger load” on his shoulders, Lilley was able to successfully lead the teams and encourage other kids to follow his athletic footsteps.

Next year Lilley will be heading to either Davidson College or the University of Florida. When asked what he will do in college, Lilley replied, “If I go to Davidson, I will walk onto the football team.” If he attends UF next fall, Lilley will most likely join the club lacrosse team to stay in shape.

Lilley is a showcase of how a student can successfully handle the workload of academics and three varsity sports.

Next time the struggles and hardships of the school’s rigorous academic curriculum seem difficult, I advise you to think about Brock Lilley. He did it, so why can’t the rest of us?

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