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Miley Cyrus matures in new album “Younger Now”

Courtesy of Miley Cyrus's official website

Courtesy of Miley Cyrus's official website

Julia Gibbons, The Bite Editor

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   “Nobody’s perfect” – the famous words that every young girl cherishes thanks to Hannah Montana, or as many know her by Miley Cyrus. Born on the Disney Channel, Cyrus started her career by rocking the best of both worlds on her TV show “Hannah Montana,” playing a teen girl who lived a double life as a popstar. After her career with Disney, she went off the deep end, plunging into a Hannah Montana alter ego with the release of the songs “Can’t Be Tamed” and “We Can’t Stop.”  After her rebellious phase, Cyrus is now back and much better than before.  With the release of her new album “Younger Now,” Cyrus has taken on a new persona by being true to her country roots, but still adding that Miley edginess.

   The title of the album may be “Younger Now,” but it really is the opposite, showing off the new mature Miley Cyrus.  The past decade has been quite the trip, with  both good and bad. Like most young Disney Channel stars, Cyrus feels trapped in a role where kids are her main viewers and feels the need to break-free. Usually this means they start acting wild and releasing racier music. Miley’s downfall was the release of her album “Can’t Be Tamed,” her attempt to be like Britney Spears and ultimately failed. She made her mark with her hip-hop album “Bangerz” in 2013. This was her last attempt of officially transitioning from the child actor to a real 20- year-old woman. Many thought Cyrus’s career was done since her wardrobe consisted of tiny baby outfits and selfies of her sticking her tongue out.

   The release of “Younger Now” has proved to many people that Cyrus can still produce good music and be her original self. Switching music style for a third time isn’t an easy task, but she made it work on this album. It resembles a pop-rock style with hints of country music with a major influence from Dolly Parton. Her hit song from the album include “Malibu,” “Younger Now” and “Week Without You.” Cyrus has truly showed that you can change yourself for the better.

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Miley Cyrus matures in new album “Younger Now”