“Tell Me You Love Me”: Demi’s New Album


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   If you’re looking for the perfect playlist that mixes pop and chill music, look no further than Demi Lovato’s new album “Tell me You Love Me.” Lovato takes inspiration from her various past relationships to recreate the range of feelings that come with a relationship. This is a very exciting and appealing album because the songs enable you to really have a glimpse of the real Demi Lovato. It features many different mixed genres that are pleasant to the ear and also has a feature from rapper Lil Wayne.


“Sorry Not Sorry”

   This “no regrets” breakup song is definitely a keeper. Lovato jumped on the bandwagon of combining R&B and pop and landed a spot on Billboard’s Top 100 list. This empowering song is perfect to lighten up the mood, or turn a bad day around. The relatable lyrics describe a breakup and the freedom you feel after an annoying relationship. “Sorry Not Sorry” has been a big hit since early July, when it was released as a teaser for the album, and fans have loved it ever since.

“Tell Me You Love Me”

   This flirty pop song is another one of Lovato’s hits from her new album. In the song, Lovato is apologizing and saying that she is far from perfect and not good at love. This track gives listeners a peek into Lovato’s love life, which is why the album is named after it. The beat and sound is very unique, and Lovato’s vocals are amazing as usual. “Tell Me You Love Me” is a perfect example of her versatility in music because it is different from any other piece she has done.


   This track is one of my personal favorites from “Tell Me You Love Me.” Despite the song’s sad message, this smooth mix of R&B hip and hop will definitely have you tapping your replay button over and over. In an interview with super fan Casey Fitzsimmons, Lovato described the song about being in a lonely relationship that brings you no happiness, but you still crave it.

“Lonely’ is about being lonely in a relationship. You know the person you’re yearning for is toxic and you’re better off without them, but you’re still wanting their attention.” Lovato said.

   The song is easily relatable today and reminds listeners that they aren’t the only ones who feel this way, as even Demi Lovato has felt this way before. This album is already a great hit, and the songs from it will surely be here to stay.

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