The Emotion Behind Polo G’s “Heartless”


Courtesy of Polo G’s Youtube Page

Rahul Sivakumaran, STAFF WRITER

Released on Sept. 20, “Heartless” by Polo G reveals the hard lessons that Taurus Tremani Bartlett (Polo G) learned growing up in Chicago. Polo G uses the song as an outlet to express his emotions about childhood and put them into rhythmic, poetic form. 

“I used to starve now. I’m blowing up like propane,” Polo G said in his newest song “Heartless.” 

Polo G had a rough childhood with little money and was usually starving. Now he is a popular rapper with over 1 million subscribers on Youtube.

This song has everything, flow, meaning, rhythm, and a solid beat. He expresses the emotions he felt as a child and compared it to where he is now. The rhythm of the song flows with eloquence, and the lyrics have great meaning behind it. 

In general, this song is solid. It has all the key components to a good song and contains meaning and emotion. 

“I would describe my music as powerful and heartfelt. Everything I say in my songs comes from how I’m feeling or reflecting on things that happened in the past,” Polo G said in an interview with entertainment website Rollingout.