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2016-2017 Staff

Grace Beneke

Staff Writer

Grace Beneke is a freshman and joining her first year as a staff writer for The Bite. She likes to play volleyball and tennis. When she’s not on the court, she is probably binge watching “Grey’s Anatomy.”  Contact at beneke...

Amber Yang


Amber Yang is a senior entering her fourth year on staff. She is currently Editor-in-Chief but has a love for writing controversial pieces for the Opinions Department. When she is not working on The Voice, Amber can be found do...

Carlin Bausch

Graphics Artist

Carlin Bausch, a sophomore, is a new member to The Trinity Voice. He is looking forward to working in the Graphics department. When not playing baseball, Carlin is either watching soccer, managing his fantasy team or sharpening his...

Drew Miller

Staff Writer

Drew Miller is entering his sophomore year as a sports writer for the Voice. He is an unproven rookie, given that this is his first year on staff. He has high expectations for this year and is considered to be the journalisti...

Kevin Wang

Staff Writer

After leading the News Department to a breakout season, Kevin Wang has decided to take his talents to the Sports Department. Entering his junior year, Kevin recently signed a lucrative multi-million dollar deal with the Sports Dep...

Harper Wilcox

Staff Writer

Harper Wilcox is a freshman entering her first year as a writer for the Trinity Voice and is joining the Lifestyles department. When not doing her schoolwork, you can find Harper watching Netflix, “Keeping up with the Kardashians,...

Amber Rampersaud

Staff Writer

Amber Rampersaud is a freshman. This is her first year on the newspaper staff as a writer for the News department. You can usually find Amber dancing or spending time with her family. Contact at [email protected]...

Shea Perera

Managing Editor

Shea Perera is a senior who is enthusiastic to be the Managing Editor. This is her third year on The Trinity Voice. She enjoys playing tennis and playing the piano. On the weekends, she swims with her dolphin friends at the beach. ...

Emma Meeks

Photo Editor

Emma Meeks is starting her second year on the photography staff of the Trinity Voice.  After the "legacy" left by her older brother a couple years earlier, Emma had big shoes to fill: being published at least once a semester. ...

Melissa Pregasen

Staff Writer

Melissa is currently a senior who joined the opinions department and the Trinity Voice staff this year. She can be often found at a debate tournament struggling with Google maps. She is a pianist, a passionate traveler and a gar...

Alexandra Feld

Focus Editor

Alexandra is currently a senior and serves as Focus Editor during her second year on staff. She is a lover of stuffed animals, and can often be found watching “Gilmore Girls” with her teddy bears while eating fluff and po...

Amy Lowndes


Amy Lowndes is thrilled to be entering her fourth and final year on staff as Editor-in-Chief. Besides the paper, she loves iced coffee, Waffle House and Dolly Parton.

Alexandre Spallone

Staff Writer

Alexandre Spallone is a sophomore and a new staff writer this year on The Trinity Voice. He enjoys participating in high school national circuit Lincoln-Douglas debate, competitive chess, computer programming and philosophy. Alex...

Vikas Bommineni

News Editor

Vikas Bommineni is currently a junior, and this is his third and final year writing for The Voice. In his free time, he likes to care for injured cockatoos, play the piccolo and bathe in the rain. His favorite drink is Papa Joh...

Aavni Gupta

Lifestyles Editor

Aavni is a junior at Trinity Prep, and she is this year’s Lifestyles editor. She is on the Forensics team and likes to play the piano. She also enjoys drawing and watching Netflix.

Kendra Eichelberger

Staff Photographer

Kendra Eichelberger is currently a junior entering her first year on The Trinity Voice as one of the photographers. When Kendra isn't taking photos, she is probably at the beach or petting someone's dog....

Zoe Myers-Bochner

Staff Writer

Zoe Myers-Bochner is a junior in her second year on the newspaper staff.  When she's not writing, Zoe enjoys swimming and hanging out with pugs.

Ishan Perera

Staff Writer

Ishan Perera is a sophomore entering his first year in the Trinity Voice.  Once the head water boy for the tennis team, he worked diligently up the ranks to starting bench.  He plays the piano and occasionally rides his shetland ...

Amy Sukserm

Layout Editor

Amy Sukserm is super pumped to start her third and final year on The Voice staff as Layout Editor. Outside of journalism she is a captain on the Forensics team, enjoys playing piano, guitar, writing poetry, wearing suits, and ...

Valerie Trapp

Opinions Editor

Valerie Trapp is a junior entering her second year on the staff as the Opinions Editor. She is a ballet dancer, competitive debater and Netflix aficionado. When she is not procrastinating on her homework, she is probably sitti...

Andrew Kwa

Graphics Editor and Staff Writer

Andrew Kwa is currently a sophomore and has been on the Trinity Voice for two years.  This year, Andrew believes that his poignant opinions should no longer be solely exhausted on his nearest friends, and he has therefore joined ...

Alexandra Lipton

Copy Editor

Alexandra Lipton is the copy editor on The Voice staff this year. When not holed up in the pub lab, she competes on the forensics team and raises peacocks who are deceptively aggressive. As she adventures through her junior y...

Olivia Demetriades

Staff Writer

Olivia Demetriades, a current sophomore, is excited to begin her first year on the newspaper staff as a writer for the Lifestyles department. When she isn’t “running” during cross country practice, Olivia can be found s...

Julia Gibbons

Staff Writer

Julia Gibbons is a sophomore and entering her second year on the newspaper where she is a staff writer for the Bite. In her free time, you will most likely see her playing volleyball or beating Allie in Sporcle quizzes. ...

Lily Israel

Sports Editor

Lily Israel has finally attained her life-long dream of becoming the sports editor of The Voice. She is a junior entering her third year on staff. In her free time, she enjoys playing golf and sitting on the bench at lacrosse gam...

Julia Orr

Staff Photographer

Julia Orr is a photographer entering her second year on The Trinity Voice and her third year at Trinity. When she is not retaking photos to get better angles or coming up with witty headlines for her fellow staffers, Julia enj...

Carly Swain

Staff Writer

Carly Swain is a 10th grader who is very excited for her first year with The Trinity Voice. She is a dancer, who loves theatre, all things Harry Potter and guacamole. When not writing for the Focus department, you can find Ca...

Allie Stein

Bite Editor

Allie Stein is a junior and is entering her third year on the newspaper, where she is editor of The Bite. She enjoys playing lacrosse and binge watching Netflix.

Elizabeth Fenichel

Online Editor

Elizabeth Fenichel, a current junior, is heading into her third year on staff as the new Online Editor.  When she is not on the volleyball court, she is probably getting Dunkin.

Zach Watson

Layout Editor

Zach Watson is a current junior and will serve as Layout Editor in his third year on staff. He will also be acting as head of the Video Department, making highlight reels of all of Trinity's favorite sports teams and special events...

Michael Hull

Staff Writer

Michael Hull is entering his sophomore season as a staff writer for the Voice as he hopes to continue his rookie success he had a year ago. He looks forward to another season of cheering on the lacrosse team from the bench and do...

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