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Freshman Ben Demetriades works on his forehand at a practice. Demetriades also trains outside of school by himself and with coaches. Demetriades is 8-0 so far this season.
Freshman Serves A Larger Role
Boaz Kim, Fact Checker • May 3, 2023
e boys varsity weightlifting celebrates its victory at districts on April 1. In addition, three of the boys won in
their division at regionals.
Unprecedented Success
Jack Aaron, Staff Writer • May 1, 2023
Senior Cross Country runner, Morgan Cox running on the track. She is wearing her Emory University gear where she plans
to run in college.
Cox’s Cross Country Career
Victoria Berube, Staff Writer • April 27, 2023
Students view from atop a hill overlooking Cape Town, South Africa. In 2019 three Trinity students traveled to there to kick off the start of an exchange program. Due to COVID, that program was put on hold, but it is now back on this summer.
Relationships Reignited
Sofia Haddadin September 19, 2023

   Trinity Prep students are always up to something, whether it be traveling across the world, participating in community service, or both. In 2019, three high school students...

New language teacher Maria Gavilanes travels to the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City.
From Language Barriers to Leading Classrooms
Rahul Sivakumaran, Staff Writer • September 8, 2023

   After multiple years of teaching at various schools including Lake Mary and Lake Howell high schools, ...

Kersten hiking in Wyoming last summer.
Kersten Finds Freedom
Mila Taylor, Staff Writer • September 8, 2023

   Walking into English teacher Kent Kersten’s classroom, students are met with a pleasant ambiance....

Brewer and his family, at the beach, one of his favorite activities.
Brewer Swings for Success
Taylor Griffith, Staff Writer • September 6, 2023

   As the golf team gets ready for their next season, a new golf coach enters Trinity. Steve Brewer,...

Lazaraton coaching at a swim meet held at Trinity on August 24th.
Lazaraton Makes Waves
Zach Kleiman, News Editor • September 6, 2023

   Steve Lazaraton’s lifelong devotion to aquatics has taken him from the depths of the pool to the...

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The Bitter Truth About Chocolate
Amy-Ruth Gyang, Opinions Writer • May 11, 2023

Nurtured deep in the ground, the seed grows, germinating with its roots. After months of intimate care, the plant begins to form a yellow shaped pod. The...

Lights, Camera, Accepted
Lights, Camera, Accepted
Abby Hernan, Opinions Editor • May 5, 2023

   After studying for math tests, writing essays and spending Saturdays taking the SAT, a high school...

Pro: Peds Are The Future Of Live Sports
Pro: Peds Are The Future Of Live Sports
Boaz Kim, Fact Checker • May 4, 2023

   Last year’s NBA Finals where the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics 4-2 in a best of...

Graphic by Lia Garibay
Race Against Time
Amanda Rose DeStefano, Opinions Writer • May 1, 2023

Millions of customers flock to the skincare industry everyday, looking for a fix to erase wrinkles and...

Graphic by Lia Garibay
"Boys will be Boys"
Amanda Rose DeStefano, Opinions Writer • May 1, 2023

The lessons we learn on the playground stick with us for the rest of our lives. Boys learn to run, jump,...

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Pretty Praise, Heavy Phrase
Pretty Praise, Heavy Phrase
Laziza Talipova, Lifestyles Editor • May 5, 2023

   In a world where positive reinforcement is often seen as a necessary tool for boosting self-esteem, comments like "you're so smart" may sound like...

Thank You Goes a Long Way
Thank You Goes a Long Way
Fay Zhao, Focus Editor • May 5, 2023

   Students bustle around with tests to make up, projects to get done, essays to write, and practices to go to, not to mention the increasing pile of...

Gen Z Is The Key
Gen Z Is The Key
Ana Carolina Marques, Managing Editor • May 3, 2023

   In today’s society, hints of progressiveness from Gen Z are seen all throughout. Through TV shows including characters dealing with mental health,...

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8th grader Liv Gamboa presents her 20-Time Project on healthy eating.
A New Era of Learning
Blake McFalls, Intro Writer • May 16, 2023

   Last year, freshman Olliver Polsinelli trained his dog into a therapy dog to aid people in need of mental support. Polsinelli continues to bring his...

Summer Bucket List
Summer Bucket List
Aarav Gupta, Intro Writer • May 5, 2023

    The first few days of summer are filled with long hours of sleep and laziness. This free time can give people the opportunity to explore new hobbies...

Unattractiveness of Pretty Privilege
Unattractiveness of Pretty Privilege
Isabella Goodall, Intro Writer • May 5, 2023

   When sitting with a group of school friends on Park Avenue, eighth grader Samantha Krieger was approached by a stranger, who complimented her on her...

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