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Junior Hanna Skoglund with her family in the mountains while she worked as a sailing instructor over
the summer.
Exchange Student Shares Experiences from Stockholm
Julian Sealy, News Writer • September 27, 2022

   After going through various applications with essays, English tests, and interviews, junior Hanna Skoglund has finally made it to Trinity Prep. Skoglund is from Stockholm,...

An illustration of Charon the ferryman for Megan Vus book by Clarissa Du.
Senior Publishes Bilingual Poetry Collection
Iris Lei, News Department Editor • September 27, 2022

   Few students at Trinity become published authors, much less with books written in two languages. However, senior Megan Vu has accomplished this feat with her new poetry...

Statistics according to CNN FoodPrice Report on August 10, 2022.
Inflation Scrambles Grille Prices
Jack Aaron, News Writer • September 27, 2022

   Inflation has crept into Trinity’s breakfast burrito. Senior Max Balon purchased a $4.75 breakfast burrito from The Grill every day last year and paid $855 over the...

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Technology Taken to the Extreme
Technology Taken to the Extreme
Abby Hernan, Opinions Editor • September 27, 2022

   Late last year, UCF’s Department of Modeling and Simulation performed a study on Trinity’s campus. Thirteen students volunteered to use an Oculus...

Big Tech, Big Consequences
Jack Ververis, Opinions Editor • September 23, 2022

   There’s often very little difference between a tool and a weapon. Social media crossed that line a long time ago, but this January’s Capitol riots...

In 2019, 73% of students submitted their scores but that number dropped to 43% in 2021, according to Common App.
Higher Salary, Higher Score
Kaylee Ortega, Copy Editor • September 1, 2022

  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of colleges and universities requiring standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT have dramatically...

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Lets BeReal
Let's BeReal
Peyton Alch, Focus Editor • September 27, 2022

   In a society where there’s pressure to look and act a certain way, BeReal is attempting to respond by offering a more genuine approach to social...

Maturing with Media
Maturing with Media
Peyton Alch, Focus Editor • September 27, 2022

   Social media is a place with unlimited potential. It can spread good, or it can release bad. For young kids using social media, the potential for...

Statistics according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as of February 9, 2022.
A "Major" College Decision
Angel Zheng, Editor • May 11, 2022

   One of the most challenging parts of high school would be the college application process. According to a Forbes article about college admissions,...

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Studying with Songs
Studying with Songs
Boaz Kim, Lifestyles Writer • September 27, 2022

   As senior Koray Tekin sits down to memorize his AP French oral, he turns on some of his favorite rap music to listen to while he studies. After about...

Manifestation: Magic or Motivation
Taylor Riley, Lifestyles Editor • September 27, 2022

   From going viral on social media platforms to Ariana Grande writing a song about it, manifestation took the world by storm during the COVID-19 pandemic....

Act Your Age: Adulthood Defies Definition
Act Your Age: Adulthood Defies Definition
Deniz Bölöni-Turgut, Co Editor-in-Chief • May 16, 2022

   Trinity Prep alumnus Varun Bhatia stares up at his lights in bewilderment. Just moments before, the electricity cut off with no warning, casting him...

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