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A look at the racial and gender barriers that have existed on the Supreme Court
Raising the Bar
Tavish Ward, Intro Writer • May 16, 2022

In late March, junior Kyra Alston sat nervously in the kitchen of her grandmother’s house. Surrounded by her family, she watched as then Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown...

Everlasting Legacy of Learning
Everlasting Legacy of Learning
AVA SAVINO, Managing Editor • May 16, 2022

   When English teacher Dean Rhoads started his teaching career at Trinity 43 years ago, he thought it would be a teaching position similar to his first job at a North Carolina...

Film Fest Returns For After Brief Hiatus
Iris Lei, News Department Editor • May 11, 2022

   Amongst the many genres of films shown at Film Festival on May 13th, horror films are a distinctive type. According to Senior and co-president of Film Fest Carter Kuritzky,...

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A Price for Pride
A Price for Pride
Maddie Peckham, Opinions Writer • May 16, 2022

   Hundreds of companies release their collections every year. A facade of support that covers for companies that don’t actually want change. Walmart’s...

Trinity Voice(s)
Trinity Voice(s)
Abby Hernan, Opinions Editor • May 16, 2022

   According to the Trinity website, a portion of the mission is to “develop individuals who will excel in college and in life, contribute to their...

Why are Four-Year Colleges the Default?
Why are Four-Year Colleges the Default?
Ella Norman May 12, 2022

As students of a college prep school, the general assumption is that we will all end up going to a traditional and reputable college. However, many students...

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Statistics according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as of February 9, 2022.
A "Major" College Decision
Angel Zheng, Editor • May 11, 2022

   One of the most challenging parts of high school would be the college application process. According to a Forbes article about college admissions,...

Infographic made by Sarah Lin
COVID-19 Travel Restrictions: U.S. and Abroad
ALEC DIAZ, Staff Writer • April 29, 2022

   Multiple countries have now lifted their COVID-19 travel restrictions. Countries such as Sweden and the United Kingdom, have lifted their travel restrictions,...

College Encounter in the Summer
Angel Zheng, Editor • April 27, 2022

   With the school year coming to a close, students start looking forward to a variety of activities such as amusement parks, family trips, and vacation...

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Act Your Age: Adulthood Defies Definition
Act Your Age: Adulthood Defies Definition
Deniz Bölöni-Turgut, Co Editor-in-Chief • May 16, 2022

   Trinity Prep alumnus Varun Bhatia stares up at his lights in bewilderment. Just moments before, the electricity cut off with no warning, casting him...

Senior Kelsey Silberbusch fills up her gas tank, which she says has gotten increasingly expensive with the recent rise in gas prices.
Drivers Fume Over Fuel Prices
Laziza Talipova, Intro Writer • May 16, 2022

   This January, junior Benjamin Knight paid just $60 to fill his 2011 Chevy Avalanche up with gas. Today, he pays over $120 for that same tank.  ...

Social Media: Fashion’s Final Frontier
Social Media: Fashion’s Final Frontier
David Bryskin, Social Media Editor • May 11, 2022

   The hold social media has on the fashion industry is undeniable. We’ve reached a point where Vogue, the top selling fashion magazine, is attributing...

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