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8th grader Ty Bogey prepares to swing his club while practicing at his local golf course.
Bogey Swings Into Success
Krish Gupta, Intro Writer • November 30, 2023
Senior Amanda Lang plays bowling in the fall, basketball in the winter, and softball in the spring.
Three for Three
Josh Nguyen, Intro Writer • November 30, 2023
7th grader Arjun Chandru and 6th grader Crosby Clemente pose in their Argentinian Messi jerseys for Hoco Spirit Day 1. Messis global influence had Trinity Students decked out in blue and white for Jersey Day.
Messi Mania
Ana Herrera, Staff Writer • November 14, 2023
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Middle schoolers run past the library while wearing Trinity Prep merchandise during Friday Spirit Day. These dress down days were just added this year to increase school spirit.
New Friday Dress Code Focuses on School Spirit
Janav Ramprakash, Intro Writer • November 30, 2023

   This year Trinity has made a change to its daily dress code with the introduction of Spirit Day Friday’s (or Friday Spirit Days). These semi-casual days offer students...

Rigor Over Regulation
Rigor Over Regulation
Gustavo Membreno, Staff Writer • November 29, 2023

Florida has recently expanded its private school voucher program significantly, granting vouchers worth...

Enhance the Dance
Enhance the Dance
Aarav Gupta, News Writer • November 29, 2023

For years, Trinity has upheld the same traditions and activities at homecoming. However, after the arrival...

Child Labor Laws Loosened
Sebastian Cabeza, Staff Writer • November 16, 2023

   In September, House Republican Rep. Linda Chaney proposed a new bill to the State Legislature that...

Becker stands in front of Englands famous monument Big Ben.
Becker Follows Family Legacy
Olivia Agnew, Staff Writer • October 6, 2023

  Coming all the way from Essen, Germany, exchange student Hanna Becker, makes her way to Trinity Prep...

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Amanda Rose DeStefano, Opinions Editor • November 29, 2023

The internet stood shocked after it was revealed that matriarch of the family-vlogging 8 Passengers YouTube channel, Ruby Franke, had been arrested...

Mission Failure
Mission Failure
Lucy Chong, Layout Editor • November 29, 2023

As glaciers retreat, sea levels rise and global temperatures continue to reach new heights, humans have...

No Affinity For Diversity
Nikhil Daniel, Staff Writer • November 27, 2023

   Trinity Prep’s mission statement claims the school strives for diversity and inclusion, but to...

Florida's Attack on Education
October 6, 2023

On Aug. 3, Florida high schoolers woke up to the news that the state of Florida had banned the teaching...

Barbie: A Cinematic Masterpiece
Taylor Riley, Editor-in-Chief • October 5, 2023

This past summer was a revolutionary season of movies, including the highly anticipated releases of “The...

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Writers Rally For Rights
Writers Rally For Rights
Mila Taylor, Staff Writer • November 29, 2023

Stranger Things 4, released in the summer of 2022, became such a hit that it became the 2nd most-watched show in Netflix history. Fans were wrapped up...

Defining my Story
Defining my Story
Taylor Griffith, Staff Writer • November 29, 2023

Senior Sophia Sukup goes to tour her dream school, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), one of the best colleges in the country for art. As she is...

Essence of Emotion
Fay Zhao, Focus Editor • November 16, 2023

   Artist Mimi Hwang walks into the vibrant room of her studio, colors popping from every corner. She approaches the blank canvas and dives in with crayons,...

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Junior Jack Niles in his Winn-Dixie uniform ready for work
Work, Work, Work
Graham Paul, Intro Writer • December 4, 2023

   At 8 A.M. in the morning on Saturday most high schoolers are still sleeping. For Senior Claire Pankros, however, it’s the start of her shift at...

Artist rendering of a chizza (chicken-crusted pizza) from Costa Rica.
Fast Food From Afar
Sammy Lou, Copy Editor • November 29, 2023

   While on vacation in France this past summer, sophomore Karl Loiseau took a juicy bite out of a Signature Crafted Garlic White Cheddar Burger. The...

The Rise of Ramen
The Rise of Ramen
Sammy Lou, Copy Editor • November 27, 2023

   Sitting in an Orlando ramen restaurant, sophomore Owen Raffa savors his steaming bowl of ramen noodles. The concept is simple, but the noodles, toppings...

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