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Why Are We Even Here?

Connor Raffa, Opinions Editor

September 11, 2020

If recent outbreaks at major universities and high schools across the country are any indication, it’s only a matter of time before the coronavirus finds its way to Trinity Prep. The school seems to have acknowledged this possibility and has a variety of plans to mitigate the virus’s spread. Yet, it b...

Novel Coronavirus exposes another infectious “disease” in America

Novel Coronavirus exposes another infectious “disease” in America

AMY QIAO, News Editor

May 13, 2020

Ever since the coronavirus was first reported in the United States, hundreds of Asian Americans have shared stories of falling victim to racist and xenophobic attacks, whether it be being spat on or beaten up. In fact, according to the Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council, over 1,100 incidents o...

Common kindness doesn’t end school shootings, despite what media says

Common kindness doesn't end school shootings, despite what media says


May 1, 2020

   After each school shooting, the media looks to find rationale behind such a crisis. While made with good intentions, it is vital we examine how each hypothesis positively and negatively affects society.      Tragic events such as school shootings spiral our nation into a state of confusion. ...

Adaptation in the Information Age

CONNOR RAFFA, Opinions Staff Writer

April 27, 2020

   With nearly universal access to the Internet, information spreads significantly faster than ever before. Following the news of the killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, there was a very legitimate fear of World War III or a war with Iran, either of which would entail horrible consequences. ...

COVID Causes Changes to College Admissions


April 23, 2020

While the coronavirus and social distancing persist, many changes have occurred in everyday life. People have lost their jobs, schools have been moved online and sports seasons have been canceled. Moreover, standardized tests have been postponed across the globe, and it's anyone’s best guess as to whe...

Too Little, Too Late

Too Little, Too Late


March 9, 2020

 With the push of a button or the tap of a finger, kids have access to nearly anything, thanks to the internet. However, because of this, many young Americans are being exposed to sexually explicit content much earlier than previous generations. Psychology Today reports that children as young as ...

Allured By Empty Promises: The issue with close-minded, emotional, single-issue voting

March 9, 2020

   Elections, either national or on a school level, are filled with empty promises. In 2016, that promise was to build a wall and make Mexicans pay for it. In 2020, they vary from debt-free college to a universal basic income. And it is an effective campaign strategy—who would not love having a free...

Lead Ed: Mid-semester Comments Earn a Failing Grade

March 9, 2020

Effective communication between students and teachers is a necessary component of any healthy school environment. And while Trinity generally affords its teachers with ample opportunities to provide their students with meaningful feedback, no method of communication is nearly as unhelpful, unnecessary  an...

Lead Ed: The Spin Cycle

March 9, 2020

If the impeachment of President Donald Trump has taught us anything, it is that our country is more politically polarized than ever. Analysis of impeachment proceedings has been dominated by phrenetic attempts by both sides of the aisle to depict the opposite party as either obstructionists or manipulators....

What Standardized Tests Fail to Assess

CONNOR RAFFA, Staff Writer

December 13, 2019

   Senior year should be a time to get closer to classmates and enjoy the last couple of years before adulthood. However, for many in the high school class of 2020, this is overshadowed by an excess of stress, as students have struggled in recent months to turn in their college applications.    ...

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