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2017-2018 Staff

Bella Lundy


Bella Lundy is currently a junior beginning her first year as a photographer on The Trinity Voice staff. You can see her on the cross country team dying every day in the wonderful Florida weather. She enjoys playing flappy golf,...

Grace Beneke

Staff Writer

Grace Beneke is a sophomore entering her second year on The Trinity Voice, and will be writing for the Lifestyles department. When she isn’t writing articles, she is probably taking Buzzfeed quizzes or learning how to lay...



Harper Wilcox is a sophomore entering her second year on the Trinity Voice Staff. She recently joined the opinions department, and is ready to share her thoughts with the rest of the student body. She's a member of the varsity...



Amber Rampersaud is a sophomore entering her second year on The Trinity Voice staff. This year, she will be writing for The Bite, the entertainment department. Amber is also a part of the varsity cheer squad. You can usually find...

Carly Swain


Carly Swain, a junior, is excited to plunge into her second year on The Trinity Voice staff as the Focus editor. When not rehearsing for the school play or studying for APUSH, Carly enjoys drinking vanilla cold brew iced coffee,...

Matthew Mapa

Staff Writer

Matthew Mapa is a freshman staff writer in the FOCUS department. This is his first year officially writing on staff, although he has written articles for The Trinity Voice as a middle school writer. When not in class, he is probably...

Alexandre Spallone

Staff Writer

Alexandre Spallone is a junior this year on The Trinity Voice. He enjoys participating in high school national circuit Lincoln-Douglas debate, competitive chess, computer programming, playing violin, and reading philosophy. Alexand...

Lily Israel

Managing Editor

  Lily Israel is entering her fourth and final year on the Trinity Voice staff, a self-proclaimed victory lap. She is assuming the rank of Managing Editor, retiring from her post as sports editor (#RIP). While she is not...

Carlin Bausch

Graphics Editor

Carlin Bausch, a junior, is the Graphics editor of The Trinity Voice and is entering his second year on the staff. He plays baseball for Trinity Prep and is also an avid soccer fan. When not playing baseball, Carlin is either mana...

Olivia Demetriades

Lifestyles Editor

Olivia Demetriades is a junior entering her second year on The Trinity Voice staff as the Lifestyles editor. When she isn’t “running” at cross-country practice, Olivia can be found shopping at Trader Joe’s, looking at p...

Aavni Gupta

Copy Editor

Aavni Gupta is finally a senior at Trinity Prep and is this year's copy editor, aka the new grammar Nazi. Besides filling up articles with tons of red marks, she enjoys all things art and entertainment. You'll often find her doodling...

Ishan Perera

News Editor

Ishan Perera is a junior and the News editor of The Trinity Voice. He is passionate for classical music and spicy Indian curries. He plays on the varsity tennis team and is enlightened by his ability to hit the Australian Twist....

Kevin Wang

Opinions Editor

After leading the News and Sports sections to new heights, Kevin Wang has decided to take his talents to the Opinions section. Entering his senior year, Kevin signed a lucrative multi-million dollar deal to serve as the Opinions...

Cameron Miner


Cameron Miner is a junior, looking forward to photographing in his first year as a member of The Trinity Voice. He swims varsity for Trinity Prep and enjoys street skateboarding. He enjoys participating in heinous hijinks and ha...

Drew Miller

staff writer/fact checker

Drew Miller is entering his junior year as a sports writer and the business manager for The Trinity Voice. When not writing, Drew participates in the most active sports of all time, bowling and baseball. He also dominates his...

Will Langdon

News Writer

Will Langdon is a currently a junior going into his first year on The Trinity Voice staff. He is writing on the news staff with his good bud Ishan. He spends his time at the RDV Sportsplex playing a vegetable-named sport where...

Joseph Paoli

Staff Writer

While Joseph Paoli, a junior, may be currently enjoying his sixth year at Trinity Preparatory, he has only just now begun his career as a member of The Trinity Voice’s lifestyles department. He enjoys a menagerie of activities...

Zach Watson


Zach Watson, much like his classroom counterpart Andrew Kwa, is most likely to be found running around the pub lab in an effort to assist fellow writers. As Editor-in-Chief, Zach's main job is to console Andrew when his dream...

Andrew Kwa


  Andrew Kwa is currently a junior and has been on The Trinity Voice for three long, joy-filled years.  After spending many a lunch alone in the pub lab with a cup of fries as his only company, Andrew Kwa has forcibly bent Ad...

Julia Gibbons

The Bite Editor

Julia Gibbons is a junior and entering her third year on the newspaper staff, writing for the Bite. When Julia is not ordering a vanilla iced coffee from Starbucks, she is either craving Chipotle or jamming out to Chance the Rapper...

Alexandre Spallone

Staff Writer

Alexandre Spallone is a junior this year on The Trinity Voice. He enjoys participating in high school national circuit Lincoln-Douglas debate, competitive chess, computer programming, playing violin, and reading philosophy. Alexand...

Kenny Hill


Kenny Hill is entering is first year as a photographer on The Trinity Voice. Kenny is a three-sport athlete. He likes to participate in football, basketball, and track.  Kenny fell in love with photography last year in photo...

Samy Asfoor

Staff Writer

Samy Asfoor is a current senior entering his first year on The Trinity Voice staff as a Lifestyles writer and photographer.  When not slammed with schoolwork, Samy can be found filming short films, writing screenplays, or watching...

Michael Hull

Sports Editor

Michael Hull is entering his junior season as a member of the Trinity Voice. He is now quarterbacking the sports department as its editor. When he is not writing for the Voice, you can most likely find Michael on the sideline...

Valerie Trapp

Video/Broadcast Editor

Valerie Trapp is a senior going into her third year on staff. She is the Video/Broadcast Editor and is working to launch a new broadcast journalism department for The Trinity Voice. In her free time, she likes to debate, dance,...

Matthew Halpin

Staff Writer

Matthew Halpin is a freshman entering his first year on staff. He is a writer for the Sports department. Outside of school he enjoys playing soccer, watching football, and traveling. Contact at [email protected]

Elizabeth Fenichel

Managing Editor

Elizabeth Fenichel is a senior who is sad to be entering her final, fourth year on staff. This year she has the honor of being the Managing Editor.  She is currently working on mastering the art of using chopsticks.  Contact...

Alexandra Lipton


Alexandra Lipton is a senior entering her third year on the staff of The Trinity Voice. This year she is Editor-in-Chief and overall mother of the newspaper staff. She hopes to add more pizzazz to the paper and to have an exc...

Allie Stein

Online Editor

Allie Stein is a senior and is entering her fourth year on the newspaper, where she is the Online Editor. When she's not playing lacrosse, she loves looking at pictures of pugs and eating ice cream. Contact at @[email protected]

Zoe Myers-Bochner

Layout Editor

Zoe Myers-Bochner is a senior and third-year member of the Voice staff.  This year, she is serving as co-layout editor and devoting herself to learning the mysteries of InDesign.  In her free time, she enjoys swimming, eating...

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