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Lets BeReal

Let’s BeReal

Peyton Alch, Focus Editor September 27, 2022

   In a society where there’s pressure to look and act a certain way, BeReal is attempting to respond by offering a more genuine approach to social media.     BeReal was founded by Alexis Barreyat...

Maturing with Media

Maturing with Media

Peyton Alch, Focus Editor September 27, 2022

   Social media is a place with unlimited potential. It can spread good, or it can release bad. For young kids using social media, the potential for negative impact becomes even more extreme because...

Statistics according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as of February 9, 2022.

A “Major” College Decision

Angel Zheng, Editor May 11, 2022

   One of the most challenging parts of high school would be the college application process. According to a Forbes article about college admissions, some common sources of stress include but are not...

Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery

Sreekar Nagulapalli, Focus Writer May 10, 2022

Trinity point guard Elizabeth Bias sinks a three-point shot before backpedaling to get back on defense, but before she can get there she stumbles and hears a pop. She has torn her ACL for the third time...

Infographic made by Sarah Lin

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions: U.S. and Abroad

ALEC DIAZ, Staff Writer April 29, 2022

   Multiple countries have now lifted their COVID-19 travel restrictions. Countries such as Sweden and the United Kingdom, have lifted their travel restrictions, regardless of vaccination status. Both...

College Encounter in the Summer

Angel Zheng, Editor April 27, 2022

   With the school year coming to a close, students start looking forward to a variety of activities such as amusement parks, family trips, and vacation destinations outside of the United States to fill...

Graphic by Jaidyn Holt

Debrief of the Digital Detox

ALEC DIAZ, Staff Writer March 10, 2022

   This past June, as junior Raheel Patel got ready for bed, he desperately wanted to check social media, but he realized that he cannot: he’s taking a social media detox for three weeks. A digital...

Sleep Disorders Disrupt Daily Life

Angel Zheng, Focus March 10, 2022

   In a normal morning class period, a teacher starts explaining a particular subject material on the whiteboard in front of the class. Senior Levi Kaplan finds his attention wavering as his eyelids...

Food Waste for Thought

Food Waste for Thought

Peyton Alch, Staff Writer February 16, 2022

   As Trinity students load french fries onto their plates, many seem to overlook the grow- ing pile of fries on the floor. Something that seems like no big deal is actually a huge source of...

Food Waste in Food Chains

ALEC DIAZ, Staff Writer February 16, 2022

   According to an article by waste management company Recycle Track Systems (RTS), about 1.4 billion tons of food is wasted every year, and the United States is responsible for about 40 million tons...

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