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Saint Talk Ep. 8 – Interview – Actor Michael Shenefelt


On today's episode, Marcos Membreno speaks with actor Michael Shenefelt on his journey to becoming a professional actor. Most recognized for his recurring guest role on Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias,...

Saint Talk Ep. 7 – Interview – The Retirement of Mr. Dean Rhoads

Aetant Prakash and Sreekar Nagulapalli May 13, 2022

On today’s episode, Aetant Prakash and Sreekar Nagulapalli talk to English teacher Dean Rhoads to celebrate the end of his 43 year long career at Trinity Preparatory School. Mr. Rhoads speaks...

Saint Talk Ep. 6 – SATIRE – Trinity Teacher Fight Club

On today's episode, Shrinky Dinks (Sreekar Nagulapalli) hosts the first annual Teacher Fight Club Draft between Team Membrane (Marcos Membreno) and Team President (Aetant Prakash). Both coaches give their...

Saint Talk Ep.5 – Interview – Maintaining Health Through Fitness

MARCOS MEMBRENO and Aetant Prakash March 9, 2022

On today’s episode, Marcos Membreno and Aetant Prakash speak about their personal experience with staying healthy through high school sports. Later, they gather with 70 year old marathon runner Neal...

Saint Talk Ep. 4 – Interview – Wine/Restaurant Industry

MARCOS MEMBRENO and Sreekar Nagulapalli February 10, 2022

On today’s episode, Marcos Membreno and Sreekar Nagulapalli speak with Master Sommelier George Miliotes to discuss the his journey in the restaurant business. Holding high positions at Seasons 52, Eddie...

Saint Talk Ep.3 – Interview – Second Harvest Food Bank Founder

MARCOS MEMBRENO December 9, 2021

On today’s episode, Marcos Membreno speaks with Philanthropist George Mackay on his entrepreneurial work, specifically with the Second Harvest Food Bank. Mackay earned his degrees in engineering at the...

Saint Talk Ep.2 – Interview – Teen Social Media Influencers

Marcos Membreno, Podcast and Focus Editor November 5, 2021

On today’s episode, Marcos Membreno speaks with Junior Trevor Buettgen to get an inside look into how teens go viral on TikTok and how Buettgen himself grew his presence on social media.

Saint Talk Ep.1 – College Admissions Post-Pandemic


On today’s episode, Marcos Membreno discusses the changes to college admissions since the pandemic with the help of college counselor Mrs. Maya Lupa and senior Kara Wilcox.

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