The Trinity Voice


The Trinity Voice is the student newspaper of Trinity Preparatory School. The publication is staffed and edited by students who are responsible for its content.

Editorials represent the opinion of The Trinity Voice writers and are not necessarily the views of the administration, faculty, or Board of Trustees of Trinity.

If a comment is deemed inappropriate, it will be removed from the site. If there are concerns regarding this, please email [email protected]


The mission of The Voice is:

To publish news, information, entertainment and opinion articles on topics of interest to Trinity students.

To provide a forum for responsible expression of student opinion and present well balanced, locally researched coverage of issues of student interest.

To welcome diversity and increase the scope and depth of our coverage in order to heighten mutual understanding and awareness throughout our entire school.

To strive for high standards in the technical aspects of writing (including grammar, spelling, clarity and precision) and to maintain high production standards.

To maintain high ethical standards with regard to fairness, balance, personal and legal rights, and accuracy.



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