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A look at the racial and gender barriers that have existed on the Supreme Court

Raising the Bar

Tavish Ward, Intro Writer May 16, 2022

In late March, junior Kyra Alston sat nervously in the kitchen of her grandmother’s house. Surrounded by her family, she watched as then Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson fielded questions...

Everlasting Legacy of Learning

Everlasting Legacy of Learning

AVA SAVINO, Managing Editor May 16, 2022

   When English teacher Dean Rhoads started his teaching career at Trinity 43 years ago, he thought it would be a teaching position similar to his first job at a North Carolina public school. Instead,...

Film Fest Returns For After Brief Hiatus

Iris Lei, News Department Editor May 11, 2022

   Amongst the many genres of films shown at Film Festival on May 13th, horror films are a distinctive type. According to Senior and co-president of Film Fest Carter Kuritzky, he is one of the few students...

Animals: America’s Organ Shortage Solution

Animals: America’s Organ Shortage Solution

David Bryskin, Social Media Editor May 11, 2022

   On Jan. 7, David Bennett became the first human to receive a pig heart. The heart had received 10 genetic modifications, including the removal of four pig genes and the addition of six human genes....

McKinney-Stokes loves working with students outside of her classroom and will take on a job in administration after seven years at Trinity.

Moving Up The Ladder

Iris Lei, News Department Editor May 11, 2022

   As a fourth generation teacher, social science teacher Tatiana McKinney-Stokes has familiarized herself with classrooms and the students in them. Although she is leaving Trinity after seven years...

Mr. Thollander, sixth grade science teacher, is up at the front of his classroom teaching about climate change. His students love participating in classroom discussions on topics like this.

Teacher to Realtor

Ana Carolina Marques, Staff Writer May 9, 2022

   Looking back, Science teacher Robert Thollander says his favorite memories at school have been raiding English teacher Lenna Bowden’s classroom and having spontaneous dance breaks to random music....

Mr. Figueroa-Oritz teaches Honors Government, World Religions, and Honors World History 9 and 10. He will be departing from Trinity after one year of working here.

Figueroa-Ortiz Leaves Trinity to Pursue Career in Brazil

David Bryskin, Social Media Editor May 2, 2022

   After his first year at Trinity, social science teacher David Figueroa-Ortiz is leaving Trinity to pursue a career at the School of Nations in Brazil. As academic director, Figueroa-Ortiz will be...

Madame Saad-Delgado teaches French 1, 2, and 3. She will be departing from Trinity after four years of working here.

French teacher looks for new beginning

Julian Sealy, Staff Writer April 29, 2022

   World language teacher Mariela Saad-Delgado, better known by her students as Madame Saad, has decided to leave Trinity. Saad, who has a multicultural Lebanese-Venezuelan background, has shared her...

Mrs. Musselwhite is the Chief Information Officer for Trinity. She will be leaving the school after 22 years of working here.

New Opening Leads to New Beginning

Julian Sealy, Staff Writer April 29, 2022

   Chief Information Officer Denise Musselwhite will be leaving Trinity at the end of the school year after 22 years in the technology department. Musselwhite started at Trinity in June 2000 and has...

In 2019, 73% of students submitted their scores but that number dropped to 43% in 2021, according to Common App.

To Submit or Not Submit?

Zach Kleiman, Intro Writer April 29, 2022

   When college application time arrives, seniors sweat over test scores and strive to present themselves in the best light they possibly can to college admissions. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, one...

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