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Junior Hanna Skoglund with her family in the mountains while she worked as a sailing instructor over
the summer.

Exchange Student Shares Experiences from Stockholm

Julian Sealy, News Writer September 27, 2022

   After going through various applications with essays, English tests, and interviews, junior Hanna Skoglund has finally made it to Trinity Prep. Skoglund is from Stockholm, the capital of and one of...

An illustration of Charon the ferryman for Megan Vus book by Clarissa Du.

Senior Publishes Bilingual Poetry Collection

Iris Lei, News Department Editor September 27, 2022

   Few students at Trinity become published authors, much less with books written in two languages. However, senior Megan Vu has accomplished this feat with her new poetry collection titled “Ex Caelis...

Statistics according to CNN FoodPrice Report on August 10, 2022.

Inflation Scrambles Grille Prices

Jack Aaron, News Writer September 27, 2022

   Inflation has crept into Trinity’s breakfast burrito. Senior Max Balon purchased a $4.75 breakfast burrito from The Grill every day last year and paid $855 over the course of the school year. If...

Wilson Widens Horizons with New Administrative Role

Wilson Widens Horizons with New Administrative Role

AVA SAVINO, Managing Editor September 27, 2022

   New Assistant Head of School Tresa Wilson has always been inspired by the strong women in her life. Whether it was her mother encouraging her to pursue her passion in teaching or the women leaders...

On Thursday, August 26, the Trinity Saints pack in the auditorium for senior investiture. This year marks the largest number of students at Trinity with a total of 879.

Trinity Hits Student Population Record

Alec Diaz, Staff Writer September 27, 2022

This school year, Trinity is facing its largest enrollment in history with 879 students. According to Director of Admissions Denise Turner, 6,000 people move to Florida each month, which contributes to...

Oswald Brings Biology Expertise to Science Department

Oswald Brings Biology Expertise to Science Department

Julian Sealy, Fact Checking Editor/Staff Writer September 27, 2022

   The great-niece of the naval photographer who produced the infamous raising the flag picture at Iwo Jima brings her science expertise to Trinity Prep.    Laura Oswald grew up and lived most of...

Kozma at her daughters softball tournament.

Kozma Brings a New Style to Statistics

Abby Hernan, Opinions Editor September 20, 2022

   Usually, a statistics class is only about numbers and data. However, students in new AP Statistics teacher Kelly Kozma’s class have analyzed Beyoncé lyrics, tested the difference between off-brand...

Mr. Joseph helping his students in the Student Publications room.

Joseph Brings a New Lens to Photo Department

Sammy Lou, Staff Writer September 14, 2022

   Caberbe Joseph fell in love with photography in high school because it allowed him to be creative. Joseph joined Trinity this year as the photography teacher and yearbook adviser.     Ever since...

Faris on a hike with Anakin in North Carolina.

Faris Brings Furry Friend To Trinity

Mohil Kapadia, STAFF WRITER September 9, 2022

   New English teacher Kaley Faris’s class starts to prepare for their upcoming reading test. As she is reviewing with her students, some of them are happily distracted by someone in the corner: Anakin,...

McKenzie curling in his free time.

History in the Making

David Steinberg, Sports Editor September 9, 2022

   Forensics is one of the only activities that allow competitors to speak passionately without being interrupted; which is exactly what attracted Quinn Mckenzie to the club. When McKenzie attended his...

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