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Playing For Ray

Boaz Kim , Department Editor November 9, 2021

   Ray Sandidge, head coach of the boys varsity soccer team and a local coach at Florida Kraze Krush soccer club, was recently diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. According to,  Sandidge...

Senior weightlifter Alexia Steinberg lifts after school. However, if the weight room were open throughout the day, she would be able to come during the school day or off season.

Time To Add More Weight

Ana Carolina Marques, Staff Writer November 5, 2021

On a normal day at a school like Lake Highland Prep, students have access to the campus weight room to work out sometime during their school day. At these schools, a trainer is available whenever the room...

Head JV volleyball coach, Hannah Young, teaches her players the correct way to pass the ball. This is her first year coaching JV.

JV Team Plays A New Game

Ana Carolina Marques, Staff Writer October 20, 2021

    It was the third set, and the JV volleyball team was fighting for the win. Playing against Windermere Prep on August 25, the score was 16-15, which put the Saints in the lead for the tie-break. One...

Brendan Abney, center, prepares to snap the ball back to the sophomore quarterback Chance Bennett in the game against Faith Christian Academy. Abney has been on the team for the past four years and is one of the more experienced players.

Varsity Football Team Competes Despite Small Numbers

David Hull, Staff Writer October 20, 2021

   Senior football captain Brendan Abney runs over the defensive end trying to get to the QB. Abney comes off the field out of breath, needing a break but has to go right back into the game to play defense....

Mental Health in Student Athletes

Mental Health in Student Athletes

David Steinberg, Staff Writer October 20, 2021

   Senior basketball player Javon Bennett gets home from a hard day of practice feeling exhausted. The only thing on his mind is getting as much sleep as he can before morning workouts the next day....

7th grader Luke Kang played at Twin Rivers golf course as the number one seed against The Masters Academy on the 7th of October. Luke is one of the youngest players and top performers on the team.

Kang of the Course

David Hull, Staff Writer October 19, 2021

   As seventh grader Luke Kang lines up the putt for the win, he is calm and collected. Most athletes would be shaking and overwhelmed by the pressure, but Kang is confident that he can make the putt,...

Freshman Victoria Hill spikes the ball at the opposing team during a game with many more fans due to the loosened rules. On Sept. 8. Trinity Prep beat the Masters Academy with a score of 3-0.

Fall Teams See Loosened Covid Rules

Boaz Kim, Staff Writer October 6, 2021

   An image of a girls varsity volleyball game last year would have shown the coaches and players with their masks on at all times on the sidelines. However, since then, the vaccine has come out and...

Eighth grader Carol Marques plays on the varsity courts. Seeded fourth in districts, Marques won one game and lost one game.

MS Athletes Smash the Varsity Tennis Court

Alexandra Rubin, Intro Writer May 3, 2021

Being on the varsity tennis team as an eighth grader may seem like a challenge to some, but eighth graders Carol Marques, Claire Randolph and Laziza Talipova have been able to take on the challenge with...

Senior Shatters Silence

Matthew Halpin, Managing Editor March 31, 2021

   Trinity forward, Justin Davis, blows by the defender and throws down a vicious dunk. The crowd erupts and coaches call plays as the Saints hustle back to defend, but he barely hears it.    Davis,...

Ahlways Trust The Process

Ahlways Trust The Process

Boaz Kim, Staff Writer March 29, 2021

   As Senior Charles Ahl dribbles down the field, he sees a defender in his way. He quickly maneuvers past him and sinks a goal, giving the Saints a lead against Hagerty. The crowd goes wild and the...

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