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Studying with Songs

Studying with Songs

Boaz Kim, Lifestyles Writer September 27, 2022

   As senior Koray Tekin sits down to memorize his AP French oral, he turns on some of his favorite rap music to listen to while he studies. After about 10 minutes he cannot seem to focus on memorizing...

Manifestation: Magic or Motivation

Taylor Riley, Lifestyles Editor September 27, 2022

   From going viral on social media platforms to Ariana Grande writing a song about it, manifestation took the world by storm during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a time when so much of life felt out of...

Act Your Age: Adulthood Defies Definition

Act Your Age: Adulthood Defies Definition

Deniz Bölöni-Turgut, Co Editor-in-Chief May 16, 2022

   Trinity Prep alumnus Varun Bhatia stares up at his lights in bewilderment. Just moments before, the electricity cut off with no warning, casting him and his apartment into darkness. The cause was...

Senior Kelsey Silberbusch fills up her gas tank, which she says has gotten increasingly expensive with the recent rise in gas prices.

Drivers Fume Over Fuel Prices

Laziza Talipova, Intro Writer May 16, 2022

   This January, junior Benjamin Knight paid just $60 to fill his 2011 Chevy Avalanche up with gas. Today, he pays over $120 for that same tank.    “It's crazy that it takes that much to fill...

Social Media: Fashion’s Final Frontier

Social Media: Fashion’s Final Frontier

David Bryskin, Social Media Editor May 11, 2022

   The hold social media has on the fashion industry is undeniable. We’ve reached a point where Vogue, the top selling fashion magazine, is attributing the current twee craze to TikTok and claiming...

Seventh graders Alfonso Salvador, Carson Wicker and Avery Sasser compete in a basketball tournament. The tournament was for a fundraiser by eighth graders Ellison Clark and Gavin OBriens 20 Time project.

Generosity after-hours


Since 2016, hundreds of Trinity Prep eighth grade students have worked on a project called the 20 Time Project where they dedicate 20% of their time to help themselves or someone else. Past projects include...

Endangering Earth with Escapes to Space

Endangering Earth with Escapes to Space

Amanda Rose DeStefano, Intro Writer April 27, 2022

   After a whopping 151 launches, SpaceX has transformed the way humans see and get to space. These changes include satellites, reusable rockets, humans in space, and even a Tesla Roadster taking a lap...

Across campus, students play the daily Wordle, which is a new game that has become
popular amongst all generations.


Victoria Berube, Staff Writer April 25, 2022

   Wordle: the new once-a-day word game that has the internet in a chokehold. The New York Times, who recently purchased Wordle, say over 300,000 people play daily. The game was created by Josh Wardle...

Molly Halladay-Glynn and Kaylee Frye share an intimate scene during the play.

Dracula : A Comedy of Modern Twists

Amy-Ruth Gyang, Writer April 25, 2022

   *Before reading this article I must advise that you wear a “turtle neck, report heavy breathing, high blood pressure and bring holy water, just in case”.     This past school year, the Trinity...

New Year, Same Me

New Year, Same Me

Sarah Zehnder and Kaylee Ortega, Lifestyles Editor and Staff Writer March 10, 2022

   Although Jan. 1 seems like the perfect day to start fresh, the expectation of instantaneous results that comes with New Year's resolutions is not the most effective way to set goals.     For...

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