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Sizing up the scores: Reviewing the soundtracks of Broadway’s new musicals and revivals

Matthew Mapa, Staff Writer

May 29, 2018

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   After the Tony nominations were announced on May 1, excitement has been building. Arguably the most important categories, the competition for Best Musical and Best Revival of a Musical, are incredibly tight this year. The nominees for Best Musical include “Frozen: The Broadway Musical,” “Mea...

Genius Junior


May 3, 2018

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   “Ever since I was maybe an old toddler, I’ve had the audiographic memory.”    Sixth grader Ashley Headrick has always been good at remembering things—whether it be movie quotes or funny jokes—so much so that last year, she earned a coveted spot on NBC’s newest game show: “...

The search for a summer job


May 3, 2018

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   At this point in the year, there is one thing on just about every student’s mind: summer!  However, for every 100 students you ask, you will probably get 100 different answers for how they’re spending their summer.  Some go to sleepaway camp, take a summer class, travel with family, and surpris...

School’s out: Students seeks summer plans


May 3, 2018

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Hayden Lehr    Freshman Hayden Lehr will stay in the heart of New York City, studying fashion at New York University for a summer program. She will be taking classes, learning about design and getting a small taste of the college experience.    “The course I’m taking is Fashion Design at New York Uni...

Get To Know Your Student Council Officers

Lily Israel, Managing Editor

May 3, 2018


President Eli Finkelstein   Eli Finkelstein has only been at Trinity for three years, but he has already made an immense impact on the school. He has spent the last two years leading the Class of 2019 as the sophomore and junior class president. Finkelstein believes being on student council is just one o...

Decluttering the diminutive: How organizing the small things can make a big impact

Matthew Mapa, FOCUS EDITOR

May 3, 2018


   When thinking of procrastination, the first thing that comes to mind is schoolwork. Teachers can always be counted on to urge their students to start studying early and refrain from cramming or starting assignments mere days before the due date.    Organization, while seen as important, lacks the same em...

5 Indie Films You Must Watch!

Samy Asfoor, Staff Writer

April 26, 2018

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1. The Shape of Water “The Shape of Water” is partly a code-scrambled fairy tale, partly a genetically modified monster movie, and altogether wonderful,” famed movie critic A. O. Scott said. “The most welcome and notable thing about The Shape of Water is its generosity of spirit, which extends...

It’s taking Abel more than just a ‘Weeknd’ to get over his exes

It’s taking Abel more than just a ‘Weeknd’ to get over his exes

Amber Rampersaud, STAFF WRITER

April 18, 2018


   Abel Tesfaye’s (also known as The Weeknd) new album “My Dear Melancholy” is a work of art that pours  out his soul. The iconic six track album speaks for itself as every single song tells its own story. Yet, they  tie together to spill all of his feelings out from different breakups wit...

My Experience at the 34th Annual All-British Car Show

Joseph Paoli, STAFF WRITER

April 16, 2018

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      This Saturday marked the 34th Anniversary of the All British Car Show which takes place in Mead Botanical Garden in Winter Park. Each year, nearly two hundred British automobile owners have the chance to register any marquis of their choosing and possibly win the “Best in Show” award fo...

Starving artists in the making


February 8, 2018

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Little kids almost always have an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. Some want to be singers, dancers, artists, actors and celebrities. Sadly, most of those dreams slip away as they grow up and learn that there is a clearer path towards success. Years of medical or law schools guarant...

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