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A Different Kind of Climate Denial

A Different Kind of Climate Denial

Jack Ververis, Opinions Editor October 4, 2021

   Last year, Shell Global- a company that hid climate change for decades and is responsible for 2% of world emissions- asked Twitter users a simple question: what are you willing to change to help reduce...

The Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds

The struggle to find a balance between environmental and economic concerns continues
Deniz Bölöni-Turgut, Focus Editor March 29, 2021

With a shift in power in the White House comes a shift in public policy. President Biden plans to enact environmental policies focused on using clean energy and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. Opponents...

Multilinguism in the US: And why learning another language is a benefit

Multilinguism in the US: And why learning another language is a benefit

DENIZ BÖLÖNI-TURGUT, Focus Editor December 14, 2020

A group of friends stand in line at a crowded restaurant when suddenly one of them hears the person in front speaking French, their native language. They initiate a conversation in French, while the rest...

Alongside PeaceJams new initiative to raise awareness for mental health, they are also assisting in the collection of toys during this holiday season. The toy collection has been a part of Trinity for numerous years, providing students a way to give back to their community.

Campaigning for Care Workers

Trinity PeaceJam club hosts a notes of encouragement campaign for first responders and mental health care workers
Cate Williams, Staff Writer December 10, 2020

   Every year, the Trinity PeaceJam team chooses a new topic to raise awareness for, through various fundraisers and events. This year, club president Brooke Beers and her team chose the topic of isolation...

Romeo, Dalton Joseph, and Juliet, Layla Kaplan, talk through a clear screen

TPS Actors Turn a Classic Tragedy into a Modern Day Dilemma

Amy-Ruth Gyang, Writer November 18, 2020

   Paris’s breath shortened and his sight hindered. Romeo’s sword pierced through his side; his knees fell to the ground, and he knew his seconds were numbered. Before he could speak his last words...

Can’t Vote, But Still Take Note

Though they are unable to vote, teenagers under the voting age of eighteen should know and understand the political climate they are living in.
Maddie Peckham, Staff Writer November 5, 2020

   It’s an election year and a big one at that. Throughout the race, polling has been close, leaving both parties worried about the outcome. With national and international problems such as COVID-19,...

How The World Has Changed

How The World Has Changed


   As the coronavirus continues to impact us, we asked members of our community to share their thoughts on how life has changed in various industries. Sports    Athletes all around the world...

The Dissemination of Misinformation and How to Stop It

The Dissemination of Misinformation and How to Stop It

Connor Raffa, Opinions Editor November 3, 2020

In the midst of an election, especially one as heated and contested as this one, it’s important to be able to discern fact from fiction and develop informed opinions. Luckily, with the invention of the...

New Ways to Cheer

New Ways to Cheer

Trinity finds alternatives for fans looking to show support
OLIVER JOHNSON, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

   With new protocols and in-person guidelines, the Athletic Department has worked hard to provide the best experience possible for students and families attending or streaming games.    Major changes...

Students and faculty create a Human Rainbow in the Quad to celebrate the 26th annual LGBTQ History Month.

Diversity Club holds human rainbow event

Emma Kim, Layout Editor November 2, 2020

   Last Wednesday Oct. 28th, Diversity Club hosted a human rainbow event on campus in honor of LGBTQ History Month. Club members, as well as other students and faculty, lined up in the Quad at the beginning...

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