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What it Means to Be a Saint: Online Edition

What it Means to Be a Saint: Online Edition

Just Another Huangster April 12, 2021

   Have you ever gained a streak of being late to a class? Overwhelmed by an excessive amount of free time? Disconnected to the rest of the world? Well, worry no more. This article contains the core...

Social Lives, Social Lies

Social Lives, Social Lies

   As we all know, school fulfills every aspect of a student’s life. It’s the root of all joy in a student’s life, and 100% of students are happy for every waking moment of their life. Life beyond...

Prom Behind Bars

Prom Behind Bars

Twin #2 April 12, 2021

     In an attempt to throw a safe yet fun school dance this year, the great minds of Trinity held a meeting to discuss this year’s prom. After much deliberation, the location was finally decided:...

Dr. Ps Monthly Horoscope

Dr. P’s Monthly Horoscope

Are you Mateo's brother? April 8, 2021

With the aid of space chemist Dr. P, we bring to you Dr.P’s Monthly Horoscope: Aries (March 21-April 19):  You are determined. When you set a goal for yourself, you see it through to the end....

Heres an exclusive look at the battle between the Imposter and the Crewmates in Among-Us Lit.

Among Us-Lit Creates Tension in English Classrooms

Denise Bologna-Turkey April 8, 2021

  The Among Us phenomenon swept the globe last fall, giving many quaratiners a unique way to virtually interact with other people. Social deduction games have long been a mainstay of slumber parties and...

The Voice obtained a copy of Worcesters mugshot. Police found him covered in formulas, and detected traces of Expo marker in his blood.

Donald Worcester arrested for 4th DUI charge in past month

Man-Ceps and Big Processor April 7, 2021

  At 1:09pm last Tuesday, the lovable and huggable Donald Worcester was arrested on DUI charges. As he was exiting out from L' Hospital, he was apprehended by a SWAT team for deriving under the influence....

Remember this handy informational tool when choosing what to do in your spare time!

School Can Be Easy

Kimbo April 7, 2021

  With the final quarter of school upon us, most students would be cramming for their finals, but not Trinity Prep, which takes a different approach to prepare students for exams and doing well in school....

SCOTUSs 5-4 decision led to immediate backlash with hundreds of teacher protests erupting across the nation.

Out with the Old, In with the New: Supreme Court Decides the Bell Dismisses You

Shady Amy April 6, 2021

  After years of debate, the Supreme Court voted in a 5-4 vote that bells would officially mark the end of class. Seconds after the decision, teachers around the country protested against the new law....

The Voice obtained this mugshot of the heinous criminal taken at the Orlando Police Dept. last night.

A Double Life: Florida Man’s True Identity Revealed

Zarah Sender April 6, 2021

  Famously known as “Florida Man,” Patrick Mulloy has finally been apprehended. Approximately 5’4,” Florida man was at last caught freeing Mrs. Massey-Burmeister’s fish at 4:30 A.M. on Tuesday....

A sneak peek at some of the amenities in Gaddis Getaway. To learn more and book your dream vacation, visit!

Gaddis’ 5-Star Getaway Review

Sealz April 5, 2021

  A secret 5-star getaway resort has been found on the campus of Trinity Prep. This is an unparalleled getaway experience that compares to no other of its kind. The getaway is a one-bedroom, two-bean-bag...

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