Consumption creates connections: How advisory breakfast affects the advisory dynamic

Alexis Huang, Staff Writer

 Most days of the week, students must drag themselves into first period on an empty stomach, rendering themselves unable to dig into morning lessons.
  On Thursdays, however, students can partake in advisory breakfast to satiate their empty stomachs, giving them the energy to help them focus and get through the day.
  “I love advisory breakfast,” junior Bhrajit Thakur said. “It’s a great time for advisees to hang
with each other.”
  These advisory breakfasts have become an unspoken tradition, but not all breakfasts are created equal. With so many options, advisories are bound to bring in different varieties of food. Since advisory breakfast is the only time an advisory really gets to bond, food can play a huge role in determining the advisory dynamic.
  “Ms. Straube’s advisory breakfasts [were] very organized and we [made] waffles once a month,” eighth grader Reyna Mapa said. “When we [made] waffles, everyone [brought] in a topping.”
  Making waffles during advisory breakfast has been an ongoing tradition in mathematics teacher Pascaline Geva-Straube’s advisory.
  “I’ve continued the waffle tradition because sharing a meal brings good conversations and it makes many of my advisees want to share their traditions,” Geva-Straube said.
  On the other hand, many advisories are less structured in terms of how their breakfasts are organized.
  “My [previous] advisor just let us do whatever,”  Thakur said. “For us, approximately 99 percent of the time, doughnuts were brought in. The other 1 percent consisted of muffins and bagels.”
  For other advisories, having a breakfast schedule has been a struggle.
  “Our breakfasts are student-structured,” English teacher Steven Garnett said. “Having an actual breakfast to eat has been a problem.”
  While advisories like Garnett’s might not bond over breakfasts, they still conduct other activities to maintain a positive advisory dynamic.
  “While we talk about themes that are common to advisory, we spend a lot of time communicating with each other,” Garnett said.
  Even though Thakur’s advisory had less involved breakfasts, they still got along well.
  “Advisory breakfast is definitely an essential part of the Trinity experience,” Thakur said. “Some days we would sit in a circle and talk. Our advisory dynamic was pretty chill.”
  Regardless of the way advisory breakfasts are organized, it still remains a well-loved tradition.
  “People are happier when there’s breakfast,” Mapa said.