Four places to visit with friends in Orlando

Alexis Huang, Staff Writer

   Are you in search of somewhere to go or something to do with your friends over the weekend? Well lucky for you, with this guide, you’ll no longer be looking at expensive theme park tickets or almost sold-out Amway concert tickets. Whether you’re looking for a cup of iced tea or new art exhibits to analyze, you’ll never have to spend more than $20!

Krungthep Tea Time : 1051 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park

   If you’re in search of an inexpensive cup of Thai iced tea and a place to sit down with friends at on a hot spring afternoon, Krungthep Tea Time is the place for you. Upon entering the cafe, expect to be welcomed by a naturally-lit, small but cozy room. The windows and open doors allow the fresh spring breeze to blow through and the retro lights above the counter make it the optimal cafe for relaxation. This destination is extremely popular if you’re looking for a cute place to chit-chat with friends and take Instagram-worthy pictures. With a very short wait time of around five to ten minutes you can either quickly leave or sit down and catch up with friends or family while having a sit-down meal. Next time you’re in the Fairbanks area, be sure to stop by and pick up a cup of Thai iced tea!

Buttermilk Bakery : 1198 N Orange Ave, Winter Park

   If you’re craving a sweet pastry, be sure to stop by Buttermilk Bakery to satisfy your sweet-tooth. This bakery is  small and family-owned, which creates a sense of homeliness. Feel free to either take your treats to go or sit down and enjoy it along with a cup of coffee. The chocolate croissants are a must-try item because they make a perfect combination of flaky pastry and creamy chocolate. Once you walk into the bakery, the fresh, baked goods and chatter welcome you. If you go an hour or two before it closes, the line tends to be a bit shorter.

Orlando Art Museum : 2416 N Mills Ave, Orlando

   Rainy days are quite common in Orlando, especially during the spring season. However, there’s no need to stay at home and sulk. The Orlando Art Museum is an incredible place to visit on these gloomy days. The Louis Dewis Post-Impressionist exhibit is in town throughout the month along with other unique pieces of art. What makes the Dewis exhibition a must-see is its unique take on realistic art as he incorporates his impression on different scenes. There’s no need to fly to New York City to get a glimpse of artwork.

Harry P. Leu Gardens : 1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando

   If you’re in need of a new Instagram profile picture or something new to add to your Snapchat story, the Harry P. Leu Garden is the perfect place to fulfill any photography needs with friends. March is one of the best times to visit the garden because the orchids are beginning to bloom. The garden is also great for de-stressing. By surrounding yourself with nature, you can relieve yourself of second semester stress. The best time to visit the garden is during the late afternoon or half an hour to an hour before the sun sets. During this time period, the sun begins to set and temperatures start to cool, making it a great time to walk around and relax with friends.