Saints give a hand to Habitat



Habitat for Humanity has been tied to Trinity for years. The non-profit housing organization works to eliminate substandard housing locally and worldwide through constructing, rehabilitating and  preserving homes. Trinity has been one of the organization’s biggest sponsors and has provided hundreds of student volunteers over the years. Through just local  volunteers, Habitat for Humanity has been able to build 55 houses in the Winter Park-Maitland area. The owner of the 56th house was recently announced in December, with the honor going to the Laurent family. 

The selection process of a Habitat House is quite rigorous. After filling out an application, a family must be approved by a selection committee and have put in 500 hours of volunteering on Habitat houses, or “sweat-equity” as its known. The Laurent family have amassed well over the minimum amount. The ground-breaking for the house occurred in September, and the house is currently in the painting stage of development. 

  Trinity has been an integral part in the expansion of Habitat for Humanity in Winter Park. As one of the primary sponsors of the organization, Trinity students have helped build 21 houses. Hal George, the president of Habitat for Humanity of Winter Park-Maitland, has mentioned that Trinity has built more houses than any other school in the country. 

“The immensely committed student body at Trinity has allowed us to fund, construct, and complete our past 21 houses,” Executive Director Courtney Kropp said. “We truly would not be where we are without Trinity Prep. Trinity Prep has helped us grow through financial contributions and dedicated volunteers.”  

Trinity advisories have the opportunity to schedule days to come work on the house construction as a large group. It allows students to give back to the community doing engaging and exciting work. Seniors also have a day when they all go to work on the house. By being able to volunteer with people they know, students will be less discouraged to do work in an unknown environment.

Habitat has proven to be a key factor in the construction of affordable housing in areas all around the country.

“Habitat Winter Park-Maitand seeks to be a partner and catalyst in building communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive,” Kropp says. 

She sees Habitat as something that truly transforms communities for the better by having the local community fully engaged. Adequate, affordable shelter is an urgent issue, and we become less vulnerable and more resilient when working together.