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Spooky Scary Superstitions

Sam Miller

   As the Halloween season approaches it brings about many spooky and scary superstitions, some more known than others. Black cats, Friday the 13th, and spooky decorations are just some of many Halloween-based superstitions. Superstitions are beliefs based on the fear of the unknown. People often have superstitions because of personal experiences in the past, and the memory of those experiences leads people to be wary about similar events. Superstitions are present in everyday life, and they become even more apparent during Halloween.

Black Cats

   The superstition of black cats first began in the Salem Witch Trials when many people thought  black cats accompanied “witches” on their “evil deeds”. They are also often associated with the image of darkness, mystery and evil because of their fur and eye color at night. In the past black cats were blamed for the death of an ill person because of their dark powers. The negative associations were passed through generations and even now, they are still affected by this negative perception. Standing at just 10 percent, the black cat adoption rate is well below that of other cats. Although they are seen as unlucky and aggressive, there is no evidence to support this. 

Friday the 13th 

   Friday the 13th is a date that many people avoid. This day is associated with bad luck and where many odd events occur. The date’s negative association became more intense after the horror movie Friday the 13th came out in 1980. In the past 20 years, Friday the 13th has occurred on Halloween only three times, in 1995, 2000 and 2006. Because of the superstition associated with this date, many people avoid doing certain things like knocking over salt, walking under ladders, wearing black or driving because it is seen as unlucky. Art teacher Kymberly Moreland- Garnett is especially cautious of driving on Friday the 13th. “I avoid driving because I’ve been in three car accidents on Friday the 13th, and all of my accidents were in the state of Ohio,” Moreland- Garnett said. 

Halloween Decorations

   As Halloween approaches, people begin decorating their homes with traditional features of the holiday. Many find it superstitious to not decorate their houses on Halloween in fear of something bad happening to them. These decorations originated because Halloween symbolizes death and mortality. Most Halloween decorations, like skeletons, ghosts, skulls and graveyards, connect back to Halloween’s relation to the Day of the Dead. Scarecrows were put up in order to keep crows off lawns and scare away children. By not honoring these traditions people fear something bad will happen. However, people are starting to avoid decorating with more gruesome Halloween decorations as they are starting to be regarded negatively. Statistics have shown that with these decorations there can be an increase in defacement of property and cruel pranks, which can trigger trauma for some. 

   Superstitions have been around since the beginning of time. They come and go and over the years, while people have moved on from ones in the past new superstitions are created everyday, especially when Halloween comes around.

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Mia Prince
Mia Prince, Staff Writer
Mia Prince is a freshman entering her first year on staff who works as a staff writer for the Focus department. When Mia is not playing volleyball, she enjoys reading, watching comfort shows and hanging out with friends. Contact Mia at [email protected].

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