Winter style to make you smile


Emma Cohn


During winters, the temperature drops, Starbucks releases holiday cups and you search in the back of your closet for something warm. The search is over because here are two adorable winter outfits.

With this easy guide, you do not have to stress about what to wear. Look no further than this casual and comfy winter outfit.

Casual and Cozy

Effortlessly chic, a bun is the perfect winter hair. If you don’t like the typical, polished ballerina bun, or your hair isn’t tall enough to do a messy bun, you can always take half your hair and put half of it up in a bun. Senior Alexis Hamner suggested braided buns as a fun alternative to a common messy style.

Whether it’s Hermés cashmere or $10 from Target, scarves are perfect to pull your outfit together. Sophomore Jessie White and  sophomore Alexandra Rick like infinity scarves to as a warm winter accessory. With hair up and a scarf on, winter wear has to follow suit.

A chunky knit in the form of a sweater, jacket or dress is definitely weather approved. Hamner and Rick agree chunky knits and sweaters are better than flannel- for both outfits and cold days. In cream, dark green, burgundy or black, a chunky knit is the perfect winter piece. Now, your outfit is extremely comfortable so just commit and put on the final piece.

Thinking of ankle boots? Only if the shoe fits. In the end, everyone interviewed agreed that ankle boots are great for winter. Heeled or flat, lace up or zipper, brown ankle boots that hit right above the ankle bone are adorable for winter. If you are not a fan of brown boots, gray boots with a pointed toe and heel add sophistication to any look.

While Florida weather may not allow you to dress for winter, that does not mean you have to look bad when it is cold. Each piece is easy to transition from cold weather to hot weather and back.

So remember, we can give you all the fashion advice in the world, but always wear what makes you happy– you’ll look your best.

Formal Hipster

Rocking this next outfit will provide you with enough hipster style to finish the year.

Like most of this winter outfit, beanies are multi-purpose. They will keep your warm and could possibly be the fine touch on a near perfect outfit.  Beanies come in a variety colors. When going for the hipster look, it’s best to pick a color that is darker and doesn’t clash with your flannel.

“Anyone can rock a beanie,” freshman Ashlinn Thomas said.

Your best choice for a hairstyle that will accent the beanie is a braid or fishtail. Simplistic and cute, the braid creates the laid back illusion that you’re trying to elicit from your outfit.

Flannels! The best part of the whole outfit. Flannels allow you to present the hipster winter look while still being adorable. Although most people think of flannels as fall wear, flannels can definitely still be worn in the winter. When choosing your flannel, it’s best to go with a red or a color that represents Christmas. Overall, though, make sure to choose a flannel that represents your style the best. Once again, the color of the flannel should not clash with the rest of the outfit because that is a giant fashion no.

To add to your almost perfect, winter hipster look, are skinny jeans. If you are wearing a loose flannel, you’re going to want tight jeans to allow stylish contrast throughout the outfit. If you’re torn between which color to wear, most likely black or dark blue will match the rest of your wardrobe. Along with the rest of your pieces, it is best to stick solely to darker colors because it is winter. Especially for jeans, try to stay away from the whites and light grays. If you want to add an extra touch to your jeans, try cuffing them at the end by simply rolling them up a bit.

The final pieces of your adorable winter ensemble are moccasins. Often lined with fur, moccasins are warm and captivating. Depending on the color of the rest of your outfit, you can wear light brown or even black moccasins.

Junior Lindsey Greenwood, considering crocs in the same category as moccasins said, “If you can wear them, just wear them.”

Each piece of this outfit offers its own little touch to create a masterpiece.

Although we live in Florida we can still wear these outfits during December without having a heat stroke. These outfits will keep you warm and comfortable. Now that you know the winter fashion basics, you can complete your own winter pieces and styles.