Reflecting on Good Times: a freshman’s thoughts as her brothers return to college

Lexi Good '20
Julia Orr
Lexi Good ’20


As school starts again and we all say goodbye to our favorite people, I sat down with Freshman Lexi Good to talk about how she’s affected by her brother’s going back to school.


The Voice: What are the pros and cons about having your brothers go off to college?

Lexi: So both of my brother’s–I have two–one who is staying an extra semester at UGA and one who is at FSU [for] his junior year. The first one I didn’t really miss that much and Michael, the junior, I cried when he left. I miss them but at the same time it is good to get attention from your parents. Before my parents were always with my brothers and studying with them, and [now], I am the favorite child so that’s good.

The Voice: Was it weird not having your brothers in the house?

Lexi: Growing up Michael was always in the house with me. I think the weirdest thing about him leaving was not being able to get rides places, but sentimentally…I miss him so much. We still text and stuff, but it is weird not having someone to call to when I’m in my room, “goodnight Michael” and stuff like that. My mom said she cried when she got the pediatrician letter saying he is too old to be a patient. My other brother had posters on the wall, and my dad went upstairs, all the posters were off the walls and my dad started crying.