Unlocking the secrets to running a successful club


Adede Appah-Sampong is the sort of person who is described as “naturally charismatic”, which is a very good thing, considering the sophomore is president of Trinity’s Key Club this year, as she ran when she was only a freshmen. When asked how she joined Key Club in the first place, Adede says “I was in builder’s club in 8th grade and it’s all about community service and developing leadership skills. key club is like it’s sister club so I just wanted to continue working on it.” She continues to explain that she “…got elected last year and was still pretty nervous because I had to speak in front of everybody and all that.” Yet, now that she has the job, Adede’s nerves have subsided. “ being president was something I eventually wanted to do. Since Claire, our last president, was a senior and Allice was a senior, we really needed someone to step up and we knew we needed someone to do it so I went ahead and ran for president…I love it. It’s a lot of work but I really love it because we do a lot of really cool things. One project we have done is the bake sale for UNICEF to help with project lemonade which wants to eliminate maternal and neonatal tennis around the globe, which kills a lot of babies and women every single year so it’s really important we eradicate this disease.” She continues to explain that “each key club organization is separated into districts so Florida district has specific causes that we are dedicated to. it’s the governor’s project which is feeding our future. Personally, I just like helping out with all different kinds of causes.”