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Ways to stay awake during class


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   We all know that kid that can’t keep his/her eyes open during an anatomy lecture, or the one that will go as far as bringing a blanket or pillow. With our hectic schedules, we can’t always get a good amount of sleep. That doesn’t stop us from going to class, but it can stop us from participating. After all, we are humans. If we need sleep, our body is going to make sure we get it. With that said, here are some ways to fight off sleepiness.

  1. Tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue—I don’t have a reason for this, it just works.
  2. Drink really cold water and shed off layers (such as sweaters, jackets, etc.)—Being warm makes you more comfy, but being more comfy makes you more tired. So if you want to stay awake, being uncomfortable is the way to go.
  3. Sit up and focus on your posture—This will make you more alert and should keep you from nodding off.
  4. Eat an apple—Apples have natural sugar and nutrients, providing a healthy way to energize as opposed to caffeine.
  5. Pressure points—According to The Prospect, there are two pressure points that may help: the wrist and the area right above your ear lobe. When you rub your earlobe with your index finger and your thumb, “not only is it fine motor movement to keep you active, but also invites blood to rush up towards your ear, and therefore, to your head.”


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Ways to stay awake during class