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The search for a summer job


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   At this point in the year, there is one thing on just about every student’s mind: summer!  However, for every 100 students you ask, you will probably get 100 different answers for how they’re spending their summer.  Some go to sleepaway camp, take a summer class, travel with family, and surprisingly few get a summer job. Most Trinity students would agree that it’s difficult to have a job during the school year due to school work and sports, but, summer creates the perfect opportunity to hold your first job.

  That being said, going about finding your first job can be daunting.  Where should you apply? How do you make a work resume with no prior work experience?  

  Apply to lots of places! However, apply to places where you could actually see yourself working.  One of the most important things to look for in a potential job is the vibe: fast-paced or more relaxed.  Also, talk to some of the workers there to see if you could picture yourself working with them.

   It can be hard to make a work resume with no prior jobs to talk about.  Despite this, there are lots of other experiences you can pull from. You can talk about how you learned patience from watching your younger siblings or a good work ethic from a rigorous course load.

   Don’t forget that everyone starts somewhere and employers went through the same process you’re going through right now. As long as you show a willingness to learn, lack of experience can often be overlooked.


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The search for a summer job