The 2019 Film Fest Highlight Reel

The Voice shines a spotlight on favorite moments from film fest.

Carly Swain and Drew Miller

    Trinity Preparatory School’s 22nd annual film festival had something for everyone, from a foreign language flick to a Jimmy Buffett-inspired cheeseburger cartoon. Orchestrated by seniors Cameron Miner and Elizabeth Gordon to benefit United Cerebral Palsy, film fest was a night of entertainment to remember. Here are five of the Voice’s favorite cinematic moments from Saturday night.

The Intro Film

   Defying the audience’s expectations, Miner and Gordon diverge from the familiar film fest trope in their intro film: they don’t lose the DVD. Upset that the DVD was delivered sans problem, class sponsor Steven Krueger arrives from the future to urge the club presidents to travel back in time to lose the DVD and save both film fest and the future. Using a 2007 Honda Pilot, Miner, Gordon and an ensemble of various teachers travel back in time to break the DVD and change various aspects of the past, from stabbing Caesar to preventing the Kennedy assassination. However, when they arrive back to the present, Trinity as they know it has changed as forever: Upper School Dean Kelly Aull is a cheery janitor, and beloved senior Pranav Uppalapati is a subject to bullying. This Back to the Future-esque plot line defied past intro film stereotypes and proved to be a fan favorite of an audience erupting in laughter.

Man v. Food

Despite our differences, it’s safe to say we can all agree on one thing: a world in which the Trinity Grille is vegan is not a world we want to live in. Breakfast burritos and quesadillas are some of the few simple joys that get us through the school day. In senior Jake French’s film, president Tyler Musselwhite, played by senior Charlie Aronson, announces to the all-school assembly a new vegan grille as part of the “What it Means to Be a Saint” initiative. Angered by the new meat-free grille, a mystery suspect kills Musselwhite. In this crime flick, French plays a detective on a mission to find the suspect and restore order and bacon on campus.

Prep’d Commercial

  This witty and relatable short by senior Ashlinn Thomas advertises Prep’d, the new Trinity Prep merchandise store. Not only does it serve the practical purpose of publicity, but it was a raging hit among the Saint community. The commercial features Prep’d workers who, on the demand of a call from a life alert-esque necklace, provide timely rentals to students in calamitous situations. Whether you’re a beltless student about to get written up for dress code or an owner of a dying laptop without a charger, Prep’d is there to save the day.


   Kenan’s heartfelt video tribute to his time at Trinity and the swim team hit home for many students at the film fest. In fact, Kenan’s video inspired my friends to create a similar video. My friends and I went through our memories on our phones from the past seven years, and we created a 30 minute video of our time together. I thank Kenan for his video and his heartfelt goodbye to the team he loves.

Blue-Eyed Man (Foreign Film)

  Every film fest needs at least one artsy foreign film–Blue-Eyed Man fits the bill. A story of two bickering couples, the murder by a spouse and driving around in fancy cars, the film overcame a lack of a coherent plot with the use of two different foreign languages and fitting filmography. This type of film isn’t always the type wanted; rather, it is the type needed between the comedy specials that frequent Trinity’s film fest.