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Swift Economic Boost


   In a “Cruel Summer” of lights, melodies and “Enchanted” performances, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has proven to be much more than just an ordinary show. As she travels from city to city across the United States, she leaves behind a huge trail of money and satisfied fans. From crowded tourism to new job opportunities, the tour’s impact reaches far beyond the stage, spotlighting profit-making “Change” in the economy. 

   As a Swiftie herself, junior Jackie Stenzel experienced the Eras Tour in Tampa as well as New York, and has her own input on the economic impacts.

   “Economically, Taylor Swift has boosted the economy of many states, as people have been buying hotels and plane tickets to places that usually don’t get that much tourism,” Stenzel said.

   According to economics teacher Carralyn Saldriagga, Swift boosted more than just the economy.

   “She boosted the local economy but has also encouraged activity in the resale market,” Saldriagga said.

   The impact of the pop sensation’s tour has made a mark on the cities she visits. Extending her show to three and a half hours, it “Hits Different” compared to shorter shows. The United States Tourism industry surged, as fans from all over the world traveled to watch the tour. Hotels, restaurants, and local shops benefit from the visitors, who often end up staying longer to explore the city. 

   “Due to her presence, local shops, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in general gained business during the nights of her performance,” Saldriagga said.

   When Swift brought her Eras Tour to Glendale, Arizona, the city became a “Holy Ground”. For the weekend of her performance, Glendale wasn’t just Glendale, it became “Swift City.” The change was a testament to the deep connection between the artist and her fans in the area. Swift’s presence resonated so strongly that the city decided to honor her, even if it was just for a few days.

   In Tampa, Florida, a different kind of tribute unfolded. While not changing its name, the city declared Swift its honorary mayor during her stay for the Eras Tour. The honorary title showcased the admiration and appreciation Tampa had for Swift’s music and her impact on the community. This unique gesture shows the profound influence an artist can have on a city’s identity and culture.

   But in order to even go to any show, fans had to overcome an obstacle. As tickets for Taylor Swift’s concerts went on sale, fans were “Ready For It” as they quickly rushed to the Ticketmaster website to secure their spots. With the “Glitch” in Ticketmaster sales, it was difficult to buy tickets. Reports flooded social media platforms, with fans sharing their experiences of error messages, slow loading times, and crashes, all of which resulted in missed opportunities to purchase tickets.

   Even with the expensive tickets, some people had to book hotels, meaning that even more money was spent. Luckily for Stenzel, that wasn’t the case. “My family has an apartment in New York, so we paid nothing for hotels,” Stenzel said.

   In the end, the obstacles that fans had to “Jump then Fall” through paid off.  Swift’s fans know her “All Too Well,” and know that her shows are always full of surprises. Swift likes to add an air of suspense to her show by singing two songs that are not on the set list at each show. It adds an element of mystery, “happiness”  and excitement to her live performances, providing a unique experience that keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

   Although Swift enjoys her time in each state, “It’s Time To Go” to other sold-out arenas to perform again. With each tour stop requiring meticulous planning, organization, and execution, many employment opportunities arise. From event managers and security to catering staff and merchandise vendors, the Eras Tour provides a diverse range of jobs that cater to different skill sets and backgrounds. 

   Since then, “Everything Has Changed”. Statistics reveal that local businesses like restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment venues, have witnessed an increase in revenue when Swift is in town. $2 million of the revenue was from extra hotel stays, with downtown Cincinnati hotels going over 98% of their booking capacity, barely squeezing in guests. Overall, Swift could add over $4.6 billion to the economy.

   “The temporary business she brings in is offset by the local inconvenience of not being prepared to host so many fans due to limited infrastructure,” Saldriagga said.

   As Swift takes the stage, her fans are not only treated to a musical journey through her iconic eras but also to a chance to bring home a piece of the experience. Taylor Swift bracelets have become highly popular as fans make beaded bracelets to trade with other fans. They proudly wear these bracelets to remember “The Very First Night” they got to see the Eras Tour.

   One of the remarkable aspects of these “Timeless” bracelets is that some fans don’t make them, and buy them instead from small businesses. This has ignited a surge in demand for unique and personalized bracelets that capture the essence of each era. From handmade designs to limited-edition pieces, these businesses have found a profitable niche, tapping into the enthusiasm of Taylor Swift’s dedicated fan base.

   The impact of this tour doesn’t vanish once Taylor Swift packs up and moves on to the next city. It leaves a lasting mark on the places it visits. Fans plead “Stay Stay Stay” for an extra night, and the businesses that got a taste of the tour’s economic boost might find new ways to grow. 

   “Her concerts have now become a status symbol in society, fueling the fire of societal and income inequality,” Saldriagga said.

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