Sculpting his path at TPS: Vadim Malkin

Malkin loves ceramics and spends free time creating his own artwork.

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Malkin loves ceramics and spends free time creating his own artwork.

Will Langdon, Staff Writer

   A ceramics teacher from Russia, Vadim Malkin has come to Trinity to instruct new students on his craft. He has been teaching ceramics for 13 years and comes from Lake Howell High School in Winter Park. Malkin spent his childhood in Russia, but he moved to the United States and has resided here for 26 years.  

  Malkin says that he wants to make the class more hands-on through the use of different techniques and approaches to ceramics. Ceramics is all about getting your hands dirty and making new objects or figures with the utmost precision possible. Malkin is passing this on to his students by making this the focus of his course.

   In his free time, he enjoys working on his craft as well as being outside and doing activities in nature. His favorite hobbies include art, ceramics, hiking, and water activities.

   He says he decided to teach the subject because “it’s what I do, ceramics is what I do most and it’s what I know really well.”

   While Malkin is new to Trinity, he is not new to people at Trinity. He was introduced to the school by the previous ceramics teacher Dawn Ferguson.

   “The former teacher that was here kind of basically talked me into applying, so it was a good move down the street from where I was,” Malkin said .

   With the school year in full swing, Malkin hopes to form new acquaintances and hopes to become accustomed to the Trinity Prep lifestyle.  

   “I am most excited about getting to know the students, and getting more comfortable with the schedule,” Malkin said.