Presley say goodby after 11 years of teaching



   After 11 and a half years of teaching at Trinity, history teacher Jeremy Presley has decided to leave the school.

   “[Trinity] is kind of like my home away from home,” Presley said. “In many ways, the students and faculty are like your work family.”

   Over the years, Presley has advised and supervised multiple clubs and events. At first, he sponsored the young life club and photography club. He also advised the Epicurean club when Trinity had one. More recently, he’s also sponsored the fishing club and Bread and Backpacks. Through these activities, Presley has been able to grow close and form bonds with his many students across the school.

  “I really liked Bread and Backpacks,” Presley said. “Seeing the students get involved in that and taking leadership roles in that and seeing them try to start something (like Bread and Backpacks) at their colleges is something that I’ve enjoyed.”

   In the past, Presley has also traveled to tournaments with the fishing club. Although Trinity no longer takes part in these competitions, they have left lasting memories.

   “Getting to spend the whole day fishing with students and getting to know them better and being able to spend the whole day talking about stuff and joking around, for me, was really enjoyable,” Presley said. “A lot of those students are the ones that still keep in touch with me.”

   As his time at Trinity comes to a close, Presley remembers seeing both his students and his kids grow. One of his favorite memories was being able to bring his kids to Headmaster’s day and seeing his students interact with them. His children have grown up as a part of the Trinity family, interacting with people all over the school.

   Presley genuinely cares about all of his students, and it shows. He spends most of his time at the school, grading papers and tests and making sure that each person is on top of his or her work. Although it’s a lot of work, the effort he puts into his grading shows his students that he wishes for their success in high school and beyond.

   “While [closely checking everyone’s work] may seem trivial, Mr. Presley does anything for his students and prioritizes being a good teacher,” sophomore Bhrajit Thakur said. “Mr. Presley sparked my interest in history, and I am grateful for all of his hard work he puts into his classes!”

   Next year, Presley will be dearly missed by his A.P. World and Honors World History students. He’s excited to be able to spend more time with his family and hopes to start building and refinishing furniture, which is one of his hobbies.

   “I hope that I’ve made a difference in [my students’] lives ,and I hope that they know that I’m someone they can rely on or reach out to if they need help with anything,” Presley said. “I want the best for them and I want them to have the ability and skills and know how to enter every door that opens to them.”