TPS Singz replaces annual talent show


Ryan Latterell

A group of students sang TLC's "No Scrubs" at TPS Singz.

Emma Kim, Staff Writer

   TPS Singz, a karaoke event for upper school students and teachers, took place from 4-6 pm on Friday, March 29 in the Freitag and Falk theater. The event succeeded Trinity’s annual talent show after it started to lose popularity, causing last year’s talent show to be canceled.

   The new event was organized by Eli Finkelstein, student body president, and Thomas Lightsey, 10th-grade president, after the idea was brought up by student council adviser, Kyle McGimsey. They said they aimed to attract more people by organizing an event with a more casual environment.

   “It’s Karaoke and it’s just supposed to be fun and it doesn’t necessarily have to be good,” said Lightsey.

   Lightsey said he hoped for a large audience as well as for people to possibly discover their talents in singing.

 “I hope there’s people that think they can’t sing that just get up there and do it and just blow people’s minds because a lot of people think they can’t sing and I think everybody can sing they just haven’t tried it yet,” said Lightsey.

   Upon entering the theater, attendants were given a coupon for a free item from the concession stand for the play Almost, Maine, which was held later that day in the Auditorium. The event was kicked off with Lightsey singing “Let it Go,” from the movie Frozen. After his opening song, students started lining up to request songs from McGimsey to be sung as solos or in groups. The number of people attending started off small but gradually increased to around 40 people by the middle of the even, including faculty such as Mrs. Aull and Mr. Mulloy, who also joined in to watch the students’ performances. Throughout the event, a total of 36 songs were sung, ranging from songs from the ’70s to songs from recent musical films.

   Students seemed to be very pleased with the event and found it enjoyable.

   “I thought it was really fun, and it looked like people, regardless of whether they could actually sing or not, had fun,” said Freshman Sarah Lin.

   Sophomore Jordan Muniz shared a similar opinion about the event.

   “It was a very fun event,” Said Muniz. “You had the people who were really good at singing and the people who sang for fun, but overall, it was just very fun”

   Overall, TPS Singz proved to be much more successful than the talent show that was previously held.

   “I thought it was a big success,” said Finkelstein. “I thought people had a good time [and] belted their tunes. [I] thought everyone had fun. I’m really happy with the way it went.”