Meyer Leaves Having Made His Mark on Trinity’s Science Department


Photo courtesy of Max Meyer

Dr. Meyer assists students with their frog dissection in his Honors Anatomy class.


   After 5 years at Trinity Prep, Science Department Chair Dr. Max Meyer will be leaving at the end of the school year. Meyer has taught many students across all grade levels in AP Biology, Honors and regular Biology and Honors Anatomy and Physiology, as well as being the sponsor for the HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) Club. Meyer was convinced to come to Trinity Prep because of the opportunity to work with the other science teachers to build the school’s science department.

   “Once I met [Trinity’s] science teachers, they convinced me to come,” Meyer said. “They’re all super smart and super dedicated to what they’re doing, and this was a great opportunity for me to work with them to try to build the department that Trinity students deserve.”

   Meyer said that Trinity students are great and intelligent students, and thought that by changing a few classes to be not what students were expecting, they would become more curious about the world of science. He said he changed the Anatomy and Physiology class to be more conceptual-based instead of focusing on memorization to inspire more creative thinking, and he also adjusted the Biology course to be lab and project-focused.

   “That’s what we are supposed to do as teachers,” Meyer said. “Not only am I supposed to get you to memorize all the bones, but I’m supposed to get you to understand the power of science, and its place in our society and your ability to make your way through the world.”

   After spending five years on campus, Meyer said he is going to miss Trinity’s students and the unique department that he helped lead. 

   “If my students are having fun and having a good experience, that’s all that matters,” Meyer said. “The students are the people that make Trinity the amazing place that it is.”

   One of his favorite memories from his time at the school was watching students tackle problems in his 9th grade Biology class without needing his help.

   “About two months into this year, I caught three students arguing about their plant lab,” Meyer said. “They were arguing about what the data they collected actually meant and what conclusions they could draw from it. As the one who developed that class to get kids to spend more time thinking and realizing that’s the core of science, it was a super proud moment for me.”

   However, as Meyer moves on to live closer to his family, he said he will never forget the time he spent at Trinity Prep.

   “The students are what make Trinity the amazing place that it is,” Meyer said. “The students are my favorite part of teaching, and Trinity students are certainly great students. The kids were ready to do some work, and they were ready to struggle a little bit, and I hope I helped them better understand the beauty of science.”