Jones Retires After 15 Years of Service to Trinity Prep


Photo Courtesy of Bob Jones

Jones (far left) dresses up as a farmer for Spirit week, with fellow teachers as the Chick-Fil-A cows.


   Nearly every Trinity student who has attended since middle school has passed through the classroom of beloved science teacher Bob Jones. After 15 years of teaching middle school science, running the Classic Cartoons Club, and previously co-sponsoring the Quiz Bowl team, Jones will be retiring at the end of the school year. Whether it was the SpongeBob-themed Punnett Squares, rocket launches, or building cars, Mr. Jones always knew how to have fun with his students.

   “I just love [middle schoolers’] enthusiasm, their willingness to try new things, and the look on their faces when they’re amazed by something,” Jones said. “You become more reserved as you mature, so you don’t get that reaction with older students.”

   Jones had previously taught at University High School for four years but did not enjoy his first teaching experience. Before coming to Trinity, he taught almost 35-40 students at a time in a portable classroom, which he said was a big learning experience for him. He found out about a job opening at Trinity from his sister-in-law, Beth Wehr, a TPS graduate who has taught at the school since 1986.

   “I came and checked out the opening, but I found out that it was middle school, which I had never taught before,” Jones said. “I really had to change my game plan, but I saw that this was definitely a different place than what I had been introduced to when I first started teaching. Kids here were really motivated and wanted to do well.”

   He said that he took the job because he was able to teach science on his own terms and the way that he wanted to, and 15 years later, he was still doing it. Jones said he always enjoyed seeing the reactions of his students when they figured something out or saw something exciting.

   “Those hands-on things when students are like: ‘What do I do now’ and then I see [them] figure it out and launch a successful rocket, those are really rewarding for me,” Jones said.

   Jones also said that one of the most rewarding experiences for him was watching students that he had taught in 6th grade walk across the stage and receive their diplomas at graduation.

   “It’s pretty awesome. I remember my first 6th graders that I taught, and I never envisioned seeing them grow up and mature to walk across that stage seven years later,” Jones said.

   He said that he will truly miss the amazing environment that Trinity offers, as well as the daily interactions with students and teachers.

   “I’m a people person, and I like to kid around with everybody, so I will definitely miss that,” Jones said. “Not only are students challenged here, but teachers are as well to get better and better and try different things.”

   Jones said he would like to remind students how amazing a place Trinity Prep is, and to take advantage of every single opportunity that comes their way.

   “There’s no student on this campus that shouldn’t be able to find something that suits them,” Jones said. “Step out on that limb and take advantage of what you can do. Go for it.”