Turner Takes Charge of Trinity Prep Admissions


Image Courtesy of Denise Turner

Picture of Turner running


In the US, every 1 in 700,000 people are victims of a lightning strike each year, Trinity Prep’s new director of admissions is that one.

Denise Turner is this year’s new Director of Admissions, but it is not her first time working in admissions.
Turner has been in admissions for 17 years and prior to joining Trinity, she worked for Rollins College, specifically the Crummer Graduate School of Business.

She started working in admissions 20 years ago as a college graduate and she mentioned that the reason behind it had to do with her own admissions experience.

“I loved my admissions experience in college and I love helping students, changing their life, changing their path and helping them get to where they want to be,” she said.

Turner said that she decided to join Trinity because she saw an opportunity to work as the director of admissions while she was working at Rollins.

“I wanted to recreate opportunities and build a student-centered culture where the students are at the focus of everything we do here,” she said.

Before moving to Florida in 1992, Turner was originally from Niles, Michigan, and attended Hope College, also in Michigan.      4 years ago, Turner was actually struck by lightning, but she has fully recovered and not had any long-term effects. Turner enjoys playing tennis in her free time and loves college football. She is a huge fan of the Clemson Tigers, despite being from Michigan, as her daughter attends Clemson, which is her reasoning for being a fan.