Huang Introduces the Chinese Language to Trinity


Image Courtesy of Lin Huang

Huang shows off her new classroom for her first year at Trinity Prep.


  As new World Language Teacher Lin Huang teaches her class the special characters of the Chinese language, she showcases the strokes and pronunciations that set it apart from all of the other languages taught at Trinity.

  Huang moved from China to America almost 20 years ago, after receiving her bachelor’s degree in both history and literature. While she learned some English vocabulary in school in China, she said that she only started to gain fluency in English after she moved to the U.S.. Although she said she isn’t as confident in her English, she is always eager to help students learn her native language.

  Outside of the classroom, Huang likes to cook traditional Chinese food as a hobby. She makes dumplings and Chinese noodles with her family, and frequently brings them to parties to share with other people.

  Huang is also an avid traveler and has been all along the East and West Coasts of the United States. Whether she’s north in New York, Philadelphia or Washington D.C., southeast in Key West and Miami, or the on the West Coast in Los Angeles and Oregon, she’s always looking for a new adventure. Out of all of the places she has been, Huang said that her favorite place was Yellowstone National Park.

  “The nature, the forest, and the geysers … If I could, I would go again,” Huang said.

  She said that culture is an important part of the language curriculum. She especially likes  teaching her students about the variety of ethnic groups in China and special holidays that they celebrate.

  “The part I really enjoy with the students when I teach them [is when] they’re excited to learn, they can remember and they can use [Chinese],” Huang said.