Administration Declares all Exams as In-Person

Jake McCreary, Staff Writer

   As of December 4, Trinity administration has declared that all exams will be taken on-campus, whether students this year were previously attended school in-person or remotely. However, unlike previous years, students will be divided into certain time frames to take their respective tests based on their class period— not subject. Additionally, in-person students will take their exams from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, while remote students will take theirs later in the day from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM. 

   Director of Learning and Instruction Stephanie Dryden upholds that the primary factor behind the decision was a cohesive and equitable exam experience for all students and teachers.

    “The challenge of having an exam system with integrity— and by that I don’t necessarily mean cheating— is ensuring that all students have a fair test-taking experience,” Dryden said. “If teachers had to come up with multiple sets of questions for separate tests, the possibility of variable difficulties and levels of challenge are created.”

   Dryden states that the decision benefits both teachers and the student body, as students are guaranteed a level playing field while teachers don’t have the hefty task of creating multiple tests. Some classes like English and history are particularly incompatible with different sets of questions, so this decision is crucially beneficial to their respective teachers.

   Additionally, she furthers that safety will remain a high priority throughout the exam process. With only 230 students being remote, social distancing will be quite achievable for remote students who previously remained home to stay safe. These students can enjoy being on campus in an organized, safe manner one last time before Christmas. 

   However, online exams will still exist for certain students. A small percentage of students have unique conditions or circumstances that still mandate a remote test-taking environment.

   “One of the great things about Trinity Prep is its independence. We listen to individuals, and we make decisions that are good for individuals,” said Dryden. “We have the ability to cater to students’ medical circumstances on an individual, case-by-case basis. That’s the value of individualism at Trinity.”

   For example, senior Tyler Reik will be taking his exams from home due to some unfortunate events. Tyler, along with several other students, must fill out forms in order to verify their medical circumstances and get permission to stay home for exams.

   “I was involved in an unfortunate accident that left me severely injured— I can’t sit in standard school chairs due to severe pain in my back,” said Tyler. “I’m glad I can still take my tests from home and not have to worry about  health factors inhibiting my test-taking abilities.”