Senora Garcia seeks new career opportunities


Senora Nicole Garcia stands with several members of her senior advisory. From left to right, Sidney Seybold, Alexis Roberts, Senora Garcia, Ryan Zehnder, and Matt Corddry.

Avery Russell, Intro Writer

World language teacher Nicole Garcia will be leaving at the end of this year. Since 2012, Garcia has taught multiple levels of Spanish, ranging from Spanish 2 to Spanish 4. She has also been a large asset to her Trinity community as a sponsor of the Key Club.

Garcia originally came to Trinity when she moved to Florida from New Jersey for graduate school, at UCF where she got her M.A. in Spanish literature. She said it was a great place to come in and start teaching because of the school community.

“I think that [the teachers] all get along well,” Garcia said. “We all want to provide the best education that we can.”

Although Garcia will miss her community at Trinity, she is excited for her new journey up north. She will be teaching at a boarding school in Connecticut, where she is excited about the seasons and the weather.

“I’m looking forward to being able to wear a scarf and boots and hats and not constantly be sweating,” Garcia said.

Teaching at a boarding school is not new territory for Garcia. Before she came to Trinity, she worked at a boarding school called Suffield Academy where she taught Spanish 1-3. She is excited to return to this chapter in her life.

“I really like the aspect of living on campus and being with the students and getting to build those personal relationships with them,” Garcia said.

Eighth grader Eva Lane, who currently takes Spanish 3 with Garcia, said she always enjoys the class.

“She’s very enthusiastic and makes learning easier,” Lane said.

Garcia shared that one of her favorite memories is being the sponsor for the Spanish competition team. She loved helping and meeting new people. She said she likes to see the students learn new things and see them succeed.

“I really enjoy working with students one-on-one where they come in and then you get to go to competition and see everybody do different things,” Garcia said. “I really enjoy seeing students excel.”

Garcia has a senior advisory at Trinity, and she has known them for three years. She is excited that they will be moving on to a new chapter in their life, just like her.

“So it’s nice that we’ll all get to leave together,”  Garcia said. “So they are going on their adventures, and I’m going on mine.”

Garcia has made friendships and connected with many people at Trinity. She will be leaving behind many friends and students that she has loved for years. She said she will miss them the most, as well as the many memories she has made and cherished here.

“I’ve got some strong friendships with faculty members here,” Garcia said. “So just having our free time to chat and catch up. I’ll miss that.”