School Chaplain Moving on after Two Years of Service


Father Towers giving the Homily at Chapel.

Aksel Williams, Intro Writer

Chaplain Reverend Richard Towers is leaving his position at the end of this year to be the Curator for Spirituality at All Saints Day School in Carmel, California.

Two years ago, Towers came to Trinity after serving in the military as a chaplain for the marines. Although the school environment is very different from the military, he said there is much to enjoy about being at a school.

“I enjoy the students’ creativity, and intellect, and energy,” Towers said. “So we got a lot of talented students at TPS.”

In addition to being chaplain, Towers was also in charge of community service, including the school’s work with Habitat for Humanity.

“The highlight for me here is that every student had the chance to help build affordable housing here in Winter Park,” Towers said.

Towers said this year has been more challenging both for community service and in the classroom.

“So certainly it has been a challenging final year, but I’m glad for my colleagues and the students because I think we did a pretty good job of living through a pandemic,” Towers said. “I compare that to a number of my friends all over the country who still have not gone back to in-person classes, and are still learning and teaching remotely in many school districts, and private schools even.”

As well as working in Carmel, Towers will also have a job as a priest in St. James Monterey in California, which is four miles away from All Saints Day School.

This is not Towers’s first time moving somewhere else, as he already has a significant amount of experience in other schools, and he looks forward to working in California.