Miller Assists Students and Chickens in Home State


Learning Specialist Dana Miller’s spark for teaching first emerged when she was an English major working in a restaurant. She realized most of her co-workers could not read and jumped into action, helping them learn after work, and the experience first inspired her to teach academic support.

Miller received her education at Stetson University as an education major, with a Master’s in reading and a specialist in curriculum. She has been teaching for 24 years, with five years teaching academic support in the public school system and at Orangewood Christian School.

Not only is she a Florida native herself but most of her family is too. Her mother, husband and daughter were all born in the state. Miller’s daughter is currently a junior at Miller’s alma mater, Stetson. In her spare time, she prefers outdoor activities. Miller does yoga and surfing and is a certified yoga and surf instructor, teaching teenagers yoga at a surf camp over the summer.

Her family also includes a Pomeranian named Leo, as well as some unexpected pets.

“We have a permit in Winter Park to have chickens, so we have our own organic eggs,” Miller said. 

Even before Miller joined the faculty at Trinity, she had a strong connection with the school and knew some teachers.

“I’ve been a huge Trinity fan for a very long, long time,” Miller said. “I am happy to be a part of the community and [get] to know the Trinity students and the families.”

She enjoys interacting with students and faculty, both new and those she is acquainted with. According to Miller, Trinity is an overall great place for her to be. 

“I think that [teaching], it’s just one of those things that is a very rewarding career,” Miller said.