Palumbo Joins Trinity on the Court and in the Classroom


Courtesy of Anthony Palumbo

Victoria Berube, Staff Writer

   Joining the Science Department this year is Honors Anatomy and Physiology teacher Anthony Palumbo. In addition to Honors Anatomy and Physiology Palumbo is teaching Earth and Space Science. He received his master’s and bachelor’s degree from Holy Family University in Philadelphia. Palumbo has been teaching for over 7 years and started teaching at a juvenile correctional facility. 

   Palumbo says his favorite part about teaching is pushing students to realize what they’re capable of.

   “The most important people in my life are my teachers,” Palumbo said. “I wanted to do the same for somebody someday.”

   Not only is Palumbo joining the Trinity family in the science department he is also assisting with girl’s basketball with over 20 years of experience.

   “I played [basketball] my whole entire life,” Palumbo said. “Since I was a little boy, up until college where I had to give up the dream and pursue an education.”

   Palumbo’s favorite basketball team is the Philadelphia 76ers. He attributes his love for his hometown claiming is the reason for the team is biased.

   In his free time, Palumbo enjoys working out at the gym and playing Playstation 5.

   “My all-time favorite will always be FIFA,” Palumbo said.  “But I really like Call of Duty right now.”