French teacher looks for new beginning

World Language Teacher Mariela Saad-Delgado leaves after 4 years at Trinity to pursue family.


Madame Saad-Delgado teaches French 1, 2, and 3. She will be departing from Trinity after four years of working here.

Julian Sealy, Staff Writer

   World language teacher Mariela Saad-Delgado, better known by her students as Madame Saad, has decided to leave Trinity. Saad, who has a multicultural Lebanese-Venezuelan background, has shared her passion for language with her students over the last 4 years in the World Language Department. 

   Since joining Trinity in 2018, Saad has brought her passion and knowledge of the French language to teach three different levels of French: French 1, 2, and 3. Saad mentioned some of the positive impacts that have come out of her time over the recent years at Trinity. 

   “Some of the connections I’ve made were really great, which for I’m very happy because of all the traditions that have been built here,” Saad said. 

   Saad said she’s deciding to leave Trinity to focus on her family and to pursue some of her personal projects.

   Although this is her last year at Trinity, this was her favorite because of the level of improvement and the willingness to learn her students have had over this year. 

   “It happens to be my last year, but I like it the most,” Saad said. “In all my classes I have students who I really liked their performance in classes.”

   Saad said she’ll miss the students most from Trinity and how they’ve taught her the importance in showing that you care about the class and how that reflects on the relationship that you have with your students as a teacher.

   “It is important to show that you really care, so that guarantees that they learn and are willing to learn,” Saad said. “Because if you don’t care and you’re just there to teach, then the relationship is completely ruined.”