Todaro Aspires to Inspire Next Generation of Historians


Photo courtesy of Anthony Todaro

Todaro practices yoga.

Zach Kleiman, Staff Writer

   Anthony Todaro strives to show his students that history is more than what meets the eye by teaching and inspiring his students the same way he was influenced by his teachers.

   Todaro joins the Trinity staff as a social science teacher. This is Todaro’s sixth year of teaching, where he instructs eighth grade Civics and ninth grade World History

   “I always knew that I wanted to teach social studies because I loved history,” Todaro said.

   A local teacher, Todaro grew up in Winter Park with two brothers and eventually attended the University of Central Florida, where he obtained a Social Science Education degree with a focus on American history and politics.

   “I think it’s the coolest thing to learn about the past because there’s so much more to it than we’ll ever realize, and there’s so much more than a lot of people know or care about,” Todaro said.

   Todaro’s path towards history and government began when he was in middle school. His teachers’ interactive learning style hit home and sparked his passion for history which still burns to this day.

   “I always felt like I could be heard at school. I felt like it was always a safe place for me to be able to share and express my ideas and learn something new, and I wanted to be able to give that to other kids,” Todaro said. 

   Other than teaching social studies, Todaro writes for fun, practices yoga, and attends Orlando City soccer and Solar Bears hockey games. He emphasizes that focusing on yourself and occasionally taking a step back from life is important for an ideal work-life balance. 

   “Just keep doing what you’re doing… Life is all about mistakes,” Todaro said.