Clark Adds her Spark to Teaching


Clark spends quality time with her fiance, who is a pilot.

Laziza Talipova, Staff Writer

   After filling in at the end of last year for former Dean Kelly Aull, Caralyn Clark has joined full time as she teaches AP macroeconomics, microeconomics, economics and a class of statistics. Besides teaching, she also enjoys many other hobbies outside of school with her fiancé.

   “I love and enjoy taking my dog out….I’m very much outdoorsy, so I love camping, biking, and even walking,” Clark said.

   After getting her master’s and bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Central Florida, Clark was a research assistant and taught economics at the same school.

   “It wasn’t until later in my college career that I realized, Oh, I actually would like to teach,” Clark said.

   The main difference Clark saw was the amount of students per classroom. At the college level, thousands of students were in the classroom and it was much harder to start a discussion. Clark said she likes the fact that the class sizes are much smaller at Trinity, allowing for more conversation.

   “I like how driven the students are…they’re super brilliant,” Clark said. “And they love to talk and have discussions.”

   As an avid learner for economics, Clark loves to share her passion with her students. Externalities and environmental issues are a part of what she teaches.

   “We talk about things like externalities, and these are negative impacts to society,” Clark said. “So of course, you can think about a bunch of environmental issues like pollution.”

   Clark is big on participation and discussions. She likes students to be alert and always take part in conversations.

   “I think I get more discussions going in my AP classes…Then the college classes everybody’s just tired after a long work day,” Clark said.

   Clark said she is excited to work at Trinity because students at Trinity inspire her to become a better teacher.

   “It’s also nice to be proud of the place that you work,” Clark said.