Builder’s Club’s Impact on the Community


Andrew Edwards

To help raise money, the middle school Builder’s Club held a dodgeball tournament during Breast Cancer Awareness week.

Alec Diaz, Staff Writer

   Throughout the school year, the middle school Builder’s Club has been holding events to help raise money for multiple causes.  

   During Breast Cancer Awareness week which ran from October 24 to October 28, Builder’s Club held several fundraisers, including selling shirts and running a dodgeball tournament. The dodgeball tournament helped raise $350.     

   Builder’s Club sponsor and math teacher Lynn Wilbur has been the club’s sponsor for nearly 20 years. She started sponsoring the club because she likes to do community service work.  

   Builder’s Club has a division called “Random Acts of Kindness,” and an act of kindness that the members did was wash the teachers car’s for them on a teacher work day.  

   Eighth graders Samantha Krieger and Olivia Agnew, the Builder’s Club President  and Project Manager, help make sure that everything runs smoothly. 

   “When people have ideas for what they want to do, they will send them to me, and we’ll discuss them, and see which ideas we like,” Agnew said.  

   Both members’ favorite event that they have helped put together so far was the dodgeball tournament put together during Breast Cancer Awareness week.   

   “We got to see everyone show their true colors on how adamant they were about winning and it raises a lot of money for breast cancer,” Krieger said.

   Wilbur said that the members decide what they want to do and that one year the members decided to help a young man whose little brother suffered from seizures and they bought him a service dog. 

   “We took that on as our project and we raised money to buy- I think the dog’s name is Toby or something like that,” Wilbur said.    

Wilbur said that Builder’s Club has done events called “Clean the World” and that Builder’s Club used to do an event called “A 30 Hour Famine”.  

   “We would fast for 30 hours and do community service projects and raise money for World Vision, and I don’t know, it just depends, you know, it just depends on what [the members] want to do, what their interests are,” Wilbur said.