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The student news site of Trinity Preparatory School

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Enhance the Dance

Student council hires a party planner to reinvent homecoming

For years, Trinity has upheld the same traditions and activities at homecoming. However, after the arrival of varsity football coach and student council sponsor Brian Kells, Trinity has invested in a new party planner which will help make homecoming bigger and better.

Kells was the homecoming and student council sponsor at University High School. He helped organize popular school events like the carnival and winter dance. He also helped coordinate reworks during football halftime.

“It’s just something I really enjoyed doing,” Kells said. “I think it’s neat to put together activities and take on those different challenges for the whole school to participate in.”

Homecoming was created as a way for alumni to come back to their alma maters, hence the name “Homecoming”.

“[Homecoming] is a celebration of the school and Trinity has taken the tradition of the homecoming dance and the homecoming football game and it’s been around for a long time throughout our history,” junior and Student Body Vice President Connor Nanus said.

In order to make homecoming as appealing and entertaining as possible, the upper student council started thinking of ideas and selecting themes before the school year started.

Concurrent with last year, homecoming will include standard activities such as Lunch on the Lawn, Hall of Fame inductions, Spirit Week, game day swap, a golf cart parade around the track and so much more.

However, this year’s homecoming was upgraded in many aspects. The student council recreated Central Park in New York City to fit with the “suits in the city” theme, karaoke and preparing to upgrade many of the events that were hosted last year.

While working at University High School, a student of Kells’ owned a party store and contributed to their homecoming by providing decoration, a DJ, etc. He realized that a party planner would help the school save money while increasing the quality of the dance. e company will assist the student council by making homecoming more professional in terms of lighting, sound and more.

“We’re definitely stepping it up, and then hopefully next year, we add even more to it as we kind of grow with this company,” Kells said. “We want to take a baby step this year … more lighting and just a nicer effect.”

Junior Nikolas Polsinelli, who has been going to homecoming since he was a freshman said he had a great time at the dance and particularly enjoyed this year’s since it had much more variation and activities than last year.

“I just think that the music was better, the DJ was better … they gave activities for people that didn’t want to just be dancing,” Polsinelli said.

Polsinelli especially enjoyed the dancing and karaoke, but believed that it was a little too crowded.

“I wish there was more room at the poker tables,” Polsinelli said. “I didn’t get to play there. It was really crowded,” Polsinelli said.

With the new changes that the student council added, they were able to create a more entertaining and memorable homecoming for the students and staff.

“I thought that the homecoming dance was a success,” Kells said. “ The students seemed to have a lot of fun.”


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Aarav Gupta, Staff Writer
Aarav Gupta is a freshman entering his first year on staff as a news writer. In his free time, he likes to fence, participate in Forensics or play video games such as Fifa. Contact him at [email protected].

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