A Pending Play

Trinity submits a request to include a boys volleyball team to the sports program


Senior Jackson Tolle, the student manager for the girls’ team and a six-year club volleyball player, has been a big advocate for bringing a boys’ team to Trinity.

Ana Carolina Marques, Staff Writer

Boys’ volleyball is a sport that has been approved by the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) for 18 years now, and it has reached many local schools, including Lake Highland and Lake Mary High School, however, never Trinity Prep. Due to an increase in interest, a boys’ team might be added to Trinity this coming spring.

The athletic department put in a currently pending petition with FHSAA to add a boys’ volleyball team, which according to Athletic Director David Langdon, will likely be approved.

“It is pending… it looks like it’s going to go through,” Langdon said. “We will be doing a boys’ team next year as what we call an independent, so we won’t be in a district, but we will get to choose who we play.”

This new team would take place during the 2022 spring season, which is the perfect time, as the gym is available, according to Langdon. He also mentioned that most of the players would come from basketball teams, which would no longer be in season.

Many athletes came to the middle school volleyball coach Jeff Wilson about their interest, and he hosted six open gyms for the middle school boys interested in playing. Wilson, a 30-year coach and former volleyball player, believes that a boys’ volleyball team could have many benefits.

“Anytime you’re offering a sport for your student body, there’s a benefit physically, mentally, [and] there’s all kinds of lessons that a sport teaches,” Wilson said. “Volleyball teaches lessons that are intangible, and [that] work in tandem with lessons that are important in the classroom.”

Trinity has had much success with the girls’ varsity volleyball team, and senior Jackson Tolle, a six-year volleyball player and student manager for the girls’ team, has been a big advocate for bringing a boys’ team to school especially after seeing the amazing season the girls had.

“Boys’ volleyball is such a growing sport,” Tolle said. “It has grown so much since I started playing. There will definitely be a boys’ volleyball team at pretty much every school, and I’m happy to be a part of the first team at Trinity.”

If approved, there would only be a varsity team, and if interest keeps growing, that could later expand to JV and middle school, according to Langdon. Langdon also mentioned that it wouldn’t be much of a struggle to add this new team.

“With volleyball, we can do what we do with pride packs where [the players] actually purchase their uniform,” Langdon said. “We already have the equipment, so the cost is going to entail officials and transportation.”

Overall Langdon, Wilson and Tolle are all excited for the possibility of this new growing sport to be added to the Trinity athletics program.

“The game is growing,” Wilson said. “There’s a huge push right now in the state but in the nation in general to grow the boys’ game, and I’m excited that we’re moving in that direction. It’s been 10 years coming, and I’m happy about that.”