New Coach Sets Up Team for Success

Trinity names head coach of new boys volleyball program


Anuha Tatineni

Head Coach Lisa McCoy watches on in one of the team’s first practice as new players learn the fundamentals of volleyball.

David Steinberg, Sports Writer

   With the addition of a boys volleyball team comes the need for a new coach. After multiple interviews with different candidates, it was determined that Lisa McCoy was the best fit for the job. McCoy is joining Trinty after having spent several years coaching boys and girls club volleyball in the area.

   One of the key factors during the interview process was getting a coach who could efficiently work in improving some of the newer players to the game. Athletic Director David Langdon said McCoy’s experience with both new and returning players made her an excellent candidate for the job.

   “We needed a coach who’s had a background in developing talent,” Langdon said. “Someone who has coached a variety of talent levels from beginner to more experienced, but also someone who’s had experience coaching men specifically, and we’re very fortunate to have found that in Coach Lisa.”

   McCoy played volleyball her whole childhood before becoming a coach at Winter Park Volleyball Club (WPVC). Her experiences as a player sparked her love and passion for the game. McCoy hopes to bring a winning and exciting culture to Trinity in its first year and for years to come.

   “Being around volleyball basically my whole life has taught me a lot,” McCoy said. “Not only the tactical parts of the game, but also teamwork and how to win. Volleyball is meant to be fun, and that is what I am hoping to bring to the team, but at the same time, I want us to win.”

   One of the major advocates for bringing a boys volleyball team to Trinity was senior Jackson Tolle, who has played club volleyball for six years outside of school. In his junior season, Tolle played for McCoy at Winter Park, serving as team captain for the year. Tolle said what sets Mccoy apart from other coaches is her openness to suggestions and care for the team.

   “During club, the first thing that she did was establish a family culture,” Tolle said. “Last year, I would call her on days when we didn’t even have volleyball and just talk about what we both thought was best for the team. I never really had that with any other coaches, and I loved that about her.”

   When a boys volleyball team was approved by the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), Tolle suggested that McCoy should apply for the head coaching job. When she was accepted, McCoy was thrilled to start this new chapter in her career. She hopes to bring many championships to Trinity and leave a lasting impact on her players.

   “My main goal is to teach my players how to play the game the proper way,” McCoy said. “If we can outwork and outsmart the other team, there is no doubt in my mind that will win. I’m excited to get things started.”