Boys Soccer Team Passes The Competition

Alec Diaz, Staff Writer

   On Feb. 23, the boys varsity soccer team won in a penalty kick shootout by a score of 5 to 3 against Nova Southeastern University High School. The University of Central Florida soccer commit and team captain senior Shane Wright made numerous saves to win the state finals for the first time in school history after having a regular season record of 8-2-1.

   The team has a history of playoff success under head coach Ray Sandidge, who has been coaching at Trinity since 2019 and coaching in general for more than 40 years. Under Sandidge, the team has three regional finals appearances over the course of four years, along with this year’s state win.

   Sandidge credits the success to their team chemistry.

   “It sounds like it’s something that’s easy to do, but as the coach, I can’t do anything about that. I can’t make players, but this team has gotten along so well and it makes a difference,” Sandidge said.

   The College of Charleston soccer commit and team captain senior Ryan Avallone said the key to the team’s playoff success has been the focus and drive to do better every game.

   Senior Koray Tekin, who is a Vassar College soccer commit and also a team captain, said that Sandidge brings a “win-or-win mentality” to the team.

   “I’m a pretty tough guy, I’d be honest with you, and we joke around a lot, but I’m one of these guys that demands perfection, but accepts excellence,” Sandidge said. “So that’s kind of where we start but obviously…they work extremely hard.”

   Sandidge also credits their postseason success to the team’s aggressive defense, as well as the supportive fans.

   “It means a lot for the boys that are playing, their parents come out there and they cheer for them,” Sandidge said.

   Avallone said that the win still hasn’t been processed through his head yet, but that he is grateful for the season as a whole.

    “Of course there was ups and downs and all our coaches were definitely holding us to a high standard as we’re the players being hard on each other but that is what resulted in us coming out on top and we are so thankful for Coach Ray, Lou, and Ryan!” Avallone said.