Grandson’s “Die Young” Voices the Oppressed



On September 13, Jordan Edward Benjamin, better known as Grandson, released the fifth song of the album “A Modern Tragedy Vol. 3,” “Die Young.” This rock alternative singer songwriter’s song revolves around the idea that many governments are corrupt. He sings about how governments weaponize fear, and even if he is silenced, “the truth is forever.”

“If you try to talk about it, they make you disappear. It’s the same – – – – just a different year,” sang Grandson.

Although some of the lyrics can sound radical, such as “my president’s a neo-Nazi,” he encourages revolution and voices the beliefs of oppressed.

This song, much like his others, consists of powerful lyrics mixed with electric guitar, a lot of base, and an incredible base drop. To put it simply his fans were not disappointed by his newest release.

“Unlike the other songs in the project that flirt with nihilism, that tempt you with giving up, this one is unapologetically defiant,” Grandson commented on the Youtube official audio.

Currently, Grandson has released three albums and multiple singles. His popularity is mostly derived from his more politically motivated music. “Thoughts and Prayers” is a single in which he sings about the lack of gun control after the Parkland Shooting, “6:00” focuses on racism, white supremacy, and police corruption, and “Maria” scrutinizes the way the U.S. xenophobically treats refugees and immigrants coming from other countries.

There is no doubt that “Die Young” is a strong new addition to these songs and his music career as a whole.