Kim Returns to School After Early Graduation


   New Social Science Teacher and Head Girls Varsity Golf Coach Inny Kim did not plan on becoming a teacher. She graduated high school at 15, and had originally considered going into law. But, after working with students in college, Kim discovered a passion for coming to school and teaching students.

   Kim went to Amherst College for her undergraduate and Harvard for graduate school. She studied political sciences and Asian civilizations and languages, then considered law to become a corporate lawyer. Afterward, Kim became a college counselor for over 20 years and found she enjoyed working with families and Upper School students.

   Not only is Kim busy with teaching, but she also has three young boys of eight, six, and four named Jet, Jio and Jax, respectively. When she is not spending time with her children, she is most likely planning curriculum, student council and golf. If she is not planning, then she is most likely playing golf with her 8 year-old.

   “I played in high school and college,” Kim said. “It’s one of those lifelong sports that you can use at any time with anybody. It’s just fun to be out there.”

   She can also speak Japanese and Korean, a hidden skill. At Trinity, her favorite part of the curriculum to teach is the debates and discussions in Civics.

   Kim is most looking forward to seeing her students graduate senior year, and they often keep her on her toes with their questions.

   “Every day, there’s something new, and no two days are the same.” she said.

   Trinity provided a new exciting opportunity for Kim, both in teaching and coaching golf.

   “I’m learning a lot from the students as well,” Kim said. “About the subject matter, but also about the young generation, so I love learning what the students are thinking these days.”